Monday, November 16, 2009

Health care tax debated by State Senate

From the NY Post:

While the nation debates health-care reform, state Democrats are secretly considering $1 billion in new taxes on medical services, The Post has learned.

Although the taxes would be imposed on health-care providers, they'd be passed along to insurers or local governments. And it's ultimately taxpayers who'd be sucker-punched.

The clandestine strategy was prompted by Democrats desperate to dodge Gov. Paterson's proposed cuts in education and more readily noticeable health-care spending, according to a source.

The increases are expected to be considered by the state Senate Finance Committee, headed by Brooklyn Democrat Carl Kruger, at a two-day special legislative session slated to begin today.

They'd be imposed on top of about $8 billion in new taxes and fees approved earlier.

Since the new taxes would show up on bills to insurance companies, they would likely raise premium rates.

The measure would also hit local governments, which pay a portion of all Medicaid costs. They would then scramble to make up their losses through taxes.


Taxpayer said...

Predatory insurance companies?

How about lazy, predatory State Senators!

georgetheatheist said...

The Day of Reckoning is coming.

Read "Atlas Shrugged".

Healthy Choice said...

Yeah right! That guy looks like a master debater.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a fictional situation from a novel written 50 years ago by a mentally unstable woman is going to become reality.

Anonymous said...

It was a philosophical allegory. No mental instability involved.

georgetheatheist said...

" going to become reality."

The deteriorating situation is reality.

Anonymous said...

the the house of representatives just voted 215-210 to put your family in jail,if they do not buy health insurance .

is it time for a n.y.c. tea party ?

our politicians will not tell us where the money will come from to pay for "Socialized Medicine." and they are fearful of holding town hall meetings on the subject.they can not answer our questions.

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea -- dump Kruger and any politician (Democrat or Republican) who pushes these costs on to the taxpayer. Our health care is fine. If the government wants to cover illegal aliens, then let them pay for it out of their pockets. We should have an opt out on this health care topic. When will the government leave it up to the people to decide about health care? The people are the ones that will have to foot the bill.