Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glowing-eyed bandits

From Newtown Pentacle:

Raccoons in Astoria. 44th street, corner of 31st avenue.

Never thought to look under cars for them.


Mike said...

Over by what I guess is Alley Pond or part of it right off 73 Ave by the Clearview Expwy in Oakland Gardens the raccoons seek refuge under warm cars at night from the fall until the spring

Anonymous said...

They are all over the place now. Possums to.. And they(possums) are nasty. A family of possums made a home in my neighbors roof.

Anonymous said...

Come over to glendale.

There has been a family of 'Coons living in the long-abandoned factory on 67th place between 70th Ave and Central Ave.

Been around for years and they roam the area at night. seen them on my garage roof a few times.

Anonymous said...

did Wade Die? seriously, he hasn't commented in a while.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Rosedale area. They have taken over. I just went outside to take out the garbage they are under cars next door to me i was scared to go back to my own house. Right now theres another one up in the tree in my yard. I am scared for myself and my children this has gotten worse from in the summer. When i go to work I see dead ones on the side of the road. So if there are four in my yard Exactly how many are roaming around the area. When will they feel they we are a threat to them and start attacking just because i decide to come out of my house. Somethang has to be done about this. Im being held hostage in my house. I dont wanna go back out there. I definelty dont want to put out garbage.