Friday, November 13, 2009

Gas rates going up

From NY1:

Consolidated Edison is looking for an increase in its gas rates.

The company has submitted two proposals to the state's Public Service Commission for a new gas rate and investment plan, as part of an effort to close a reported shortfall of $160 million.

The first plan calls for a hike on city residents of about 6.6 percent over three years. Businesses would see a 4.4 percent increase.

The utility has also offered up a one-year plan, calling for a 9.1 percent increase on residents, and a 6.7 percent hike on businesses.

The PSC would have to conduct its own investigation and hold hearings before ruling on any hikes.

Con Ed is hoping for new rates to take effect next October.


Anonymous said...

SsOBs---didn't they just state that there was a surplus of natural gas resources and our costs SHOULD be going down ?

Anonymous said...

Why can't these companies (Con Ed included) cut their own costs instead of their customers having to pay for their high payrolls and cushy pensions. I AM SICK OF IT!!!