Monday, November 9, 2009

Does Glendale need its own zip code?

By Council Member Elizabeth Crowley via the Times Newsweekly:

Living in Glendale, we know that our community has an identity all its own. Glendale has the feel of a small town tucked into New York City. We have our own business district on Myrtle Avenue, our own schools, parishes, parks and community centers.

However, Glendale still does not have its own ZIP code, and all the benefits that come with one. And the 35,000 Glendale residents live with the consequences of inefficient services that come with the bloated zip code we are currently forced to live in.

The 11385 ZIP code for both Ridgewood and Glendale has a population of roughly 69,500, making it one of the most populous of all five boroughs. In Manhattan alone, there are nearly 50 ZIP codes that cover areas with a population much lower than Glendale’s. Several relatively new ZIP codes have a significantly smaller population than Glendale, such as 10075 in the Upper East Side covering a population of 12,005. To add insult to injury, Saks’ Shoe department has its own zip code.

If the U.S. Postal Service provides ZIP codes in Manhattan for vanity purposes, then surely they must be willing to reconsider giving Glendale a ZIP code for reasons based on safety, efficiency and economic growth.

For an area as populated as Glendale, the lack of a ZIP code is a considerable safety concern for residents. Modern navigational technology, like the GPS, does not always list Glendale in their registry under the 11385 zip code. There are incidents when emergency services outside of Glendale rely on navigational systems to reach the people in need.

If Glendale is not listed in the navigational systems, it becomes unnecessarily difficult for help to reach people who may need it. And this has also delayed the delivery of medications for some elderly residents. Many of these prescriptions are timesensitive and with the deficiency in medical services throughout Queens, our seniors cannot afford to wait for their medications.

Granting a ZIP code for Glendale is necessary for local economic de- velopment. It is in our best interest to encourage visitors from all over the city to travel to Glendale to experience the local spots, such as Zum Stammtisch and the Shops at Atlas Park. However, potential out-oftowners could be discouraged to visit Glendale’s attractions because there is not easy access to accurate directions. Simply put, Glendale loses business because of the lack of a ZIP code.

Furthermore, post office carriers and technology too often cannot locate Glendale, resulting in delayed delivery service and constant headaches for residents. Internet transactions for Glendale residents are always more complicated than necessary because they are often forced to prove their identity and residence to government authorities and credit card companies who have them registered under Ridgewood.

In addition, federal, state and local statistics are often broken down along ZIP code lines, and what may be right for one end of our ZIP code, may not always be good for the other.

Glendale is long past due for its own ZIP code. Our sense of pride and belonging coupled with the lack of an official identity creates daily issues for the Glendale resident that could be solved with an additional ZIP code. While it may not seem like much to outsiders, having a ZIP code is important for services to our neighborhood.

The problems associated with not having a ZIP code will only get worse as time goes on. As the post office reorganizes itself to face new challenges in the 21st century, a priority in Queens should be for a new ZIP code for Glendale because we deserve better.

Middle Village has 11379. The next zip code is Ridgewood/Glendale's 11385. After that, 11411 is next. So there's plenty of room for a new one. Time to ask cousin Joe for some help.


kozel said...

Years ago Ridgewood & Glendale had a different zip code, 11227. We lived in Glendale when it was changed to 11385 in the early 80's. 11227 is a Brooklyn zip code and it meant that for some services, like state unemployment offices, you had to go to the Brooklyn location. We lived in a very eastern section of Glendale that was east of Woodhaven Blvd.

Anonymous said...

In the same train of thought, I think Jamaica north of Hillside deserves a separate zip code.

Anonymous said...

glendale needs a lot more than its own zip code.

Anonymous said...

Queens could also remove some redundant zip codes, such as Fort Totten. Nobody lives there anymore.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

What's next? Glendale getting its own train station? Oh wait, it used to have one.

D. Joker said...

I think that Bovine Shulman and Moby Stavisky need their own zip codes as well!

CntrySigns said...

The post office should know there are problems but my stuff is constantly late or being returned to sender unless the +4 is at the end of the zip. Its frustrating to businesses and residences alike. But why can't we keep 11385 and have Ridgewood get a new zip??

Taxpayer said...

Be careful what you wish for.

As many remember, about ten years ago, our zip was changed from 11373 to 11379. We were no longer South Elmhurst, we were now Middle Village.

This was good.

But, we got screwed by the MV Postmaster. For the last 10 years, we've had temporary postal deliverers.

Our mail is late. Mail is delivered to the wrong address. Some recipients of wrongly delivered mail toss it into the garbage. Some read it. Our financial mail has gone to others.

Recently, I saw the same delivery guy for several days. I asked him if he was now regular. "Yes", he lied. I've never seen him again.

So, before you push for a change, get all the details written. Just don't ask that the details be mailed to you.

warp10 said...

ZIP codes exist solely to make delivering mail easier for the post office. Not to assist navigation, aid with "community identity" or other purposes. Most ZIP codes in Queens, Nassau & Suffolk counties do not correspond the actual neighborhood/town/city borders.

As for the problems when ordering items via mail order or online, as long as the shipping address you give the merchant matches the address on your credit card or bank account, there should be no problem.

If correctly addressed mail is being misdelivered or returned for no reason on an ongoing basis, you need to write a letter to:
USPS Consumer Advocate
US Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plz SW
Washington DC 20260-2200

Anonymous said...

Here's Albert Baldeo advocating for this: