Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Developer plans a whopper for the Greenpoint shore

From the Brooklyn Paper:

A first-time developer is planning to build what would be the tallest luxury condo tower on Greenpoint’s waterfront — but he’s going to need a “radical” change in zoning to get it done.

Jonathan Bernstein’s proposed Cesar Pelli-designed 47-story tower, with a 20-story sister building, cannot be built on his India Street lot under current zoning without demapping a portion of India Street and some of Java Street as well.

Without the demapping, Bernstein would be allowed to build a 40-story building and a 30-story secondary tower — but both would be much less dense and, therefore, less lucrative.

Ward Dennis, the chairman of Community Board 1’s land-use committee, called Bernstein’s plan “a beautifully designed project,” but said he was concerned about how radically the zoning would be altered to accommodate it.

Current zoning allows a total density of 660,000 square feet. Bernstein’s project surpasses that by almost 35 percent.

“The big thing is the question of density,” Dennis told The Brooklyn Paper. “How many people can the G train handle? How many people can the community handle at its schools? Where will all these services come from?”

Now is this guy asking such unimportant questions? We've never cared about these things before. Just build, build, build!

What the hell is the purpose of zoning anyway?


Anonymous said...

I bet Dennis looses his job soon.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of zoning? Well to give people the mirage that they have a hand in the process.

As they argue about this block here, and that block there, the broader picture of the borough and the city get lost.

They don't think about infrastructure costs and their costs.

Hell, most people involved in the process don't even think to change the subject from development for people who dont live there, to sustaining the community that actually lives there - you know, the community that is footing the bill for newcomers while there own services are totally inadequate.

But then, again, the city wide presevation community can do something about it. But we know they live in landmark districts and profit from the development they hoist upon the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Guess theres some business's there for developers to push out because theres quite a few still there. That train is horrible but Im sure they can add some more traffic to the worst congested city with fantastic drivers who obey traffic laws.

Should look worse than Queensboro Plaza with condos next to Queensbridge houses.

Taxpayer said...

For daring to question the planning for the effects of such a project, the Commissar and his wealthy cronies will set out to crush Ward Dennis.

Start looking for stories in the local papers, letter to the editor, and insulting snubs by politicians.

Dennis - a hero - has started a fire that will consume him.

Missing Foudation said...

Dennis - a hero - has started a fire that will consume him.

Perhaps martyrs now. But there is a growing consensus in the city that:

1. the current system does not work.

2. things can be better

3. our leadership, from pols to presevationists, need to be change.

Life can be simple if you make it so.

Give it time to soak. Like the sprouts of March are harbringers of things to come, in time, you will see a green forest.

Anonymous said...

Was this the same Jonathan Bernstein a few years back was arrested for locking out a tenant? Spent a few nights in jail? what a slumlord!

Anonymous said...

This project will not be happening anytime soon. The developer must pony his own cash to build it and have all of the risk of not selling units. Keep in mind in Brooklyn alone there are over 10k units coming online or existing that are unsold. Dream on, this project will not see the light of day on this scale for at least another 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Missinf Foundation, I think you're missing a few screws. The recent mayoral win completely squashes your idea of the growing consensus.

Queens Crapper said...

The recent mayoral election shows that Bloomberg lost 34,000 votes from Queens that he had 4 years ago.