Sunday, November 15, 2009

De-fencing the court in Jamaica

From the Daily News:

A 10-foot-tall iron fence encircling the state Supreme Court on Sutphin Blvd. in downtown Jamaica is to be removed, city officials said on Thursday.

Local leaders had called the fence an "eyesore" that stood in the way of making the building's plaza more accessible to the public in a neighborhood in need of more open space.

They had been pushing to have the black, wrought-iron fence removed because they said it sent a message that the predominantly minority community was unsafe. They argued the fence didn't make sense when just next door there's an open plaza filled with benches and trees in front of the Civil Court building.

Following inquiries from the Daily News, city officials said the barrier will be removed.


Anonymous said...

Here comes the graffiti...

Anonymous said...

Reality check time:

It is an unsafe neighborhood!

When school lets out you don't want to be anywhere near Mc Donalds on Jamaica Ave.

After concluding some business at Civil Court I turned left on Jamaica Ave. where I spotted a police vehicle and two mounted cops poised to control about a 50 unruly teens blocking the sidewalk.

I had to bypass the mob by waking out into the street.

I'd never walk around in Jamaica at night...that's for sure.

Never thought I'd be glad to get back to "fragrant" downtown Flushing.

Maybe the politicians were right after all when they voiced their opinions about the Asians saving Flushing from becoming another south Jamaica!

Anonymous said...

You can't leave open space in a high crime nabe...unless you want to pay for a night patrol.

Imagine what King Park would be like after dark if they removed their fence ?

Political correctness equals downright stupidity at times.

Not to worry...the taxpayers will pay for any mistakes!

Anonymous said...

So, the fence will be taken down at taxpayers expense. Will the taxpayer also be responsible for graffiti removal?

Anonymous said...

When the York College campus was being built on Guy R. Brewer Blvd, York's President didn't want fences, but was convinced by saner heads that they were necessary. Now, York is proud that there is absolutely no graffiti on the exterior walls of any of their buildings. It was a wise decision.

Anonymous said...

Jamaica sucks south of Hillside Avenue...period!

As I was walking past the Civil Court building at about 2:00 PM on a Monday...two crack heads were loudly confronting each other:

"I'll fuck you up...cut you good...muv fucka"!

I picked up speed and headed for the Q44!

For the moment...I wished I'd carried a .44!

Anonymous said...

Hillside avenue sucks as well, it's a dump.

Anonymous said...

Sure, listen to Muslim Guyanese neigborhood tell court-house to remove security!

Anonymous said...

When I see African-American teens on the street use the n-word, I tell them what it means, and to my surprise, they actually apologize.

If their schools and parents don't educate them, someone should.

Anonymous said...

It is hideous......

raymond said...

that fence was built because of break-ins in the courthouse. I guess they have 24 hour security now.