Sunday, November 1, 2009

Court rules against football team

From the NY Post:

The Queens Falcons football team’s drive to return to their home field failed because they fumbled on the opening play, a judge ruled today.

Queens Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Cullen said since the Falcons couldn’t prove they had applied to play in Juniper Valley Park, he was forced to let the ruling on the field stand – the Falcons will have to play their games on the artificial turf fields that the Parks Department assigned them.

"My hands are tied. I’m bound by the law," Cullen said as he punted the Falcons’ bid to regain their old turf in Middle Village.

From the Daily News:

Cullen's decision to toss out the Falcons' lawsuit means they'll have to play their last few games on nearby artificial turf fields.

The city wants the team confined to turf fields, arguing that the pounding and grinding of football cleats do irreparable damage to grass.

Longtime Falcons coach Tim Cavanaugh said the judge made a bad call and insisted the league applied for permits online as they've done for two decades.

"How do you file for a permit for 23 years and then suddenly forget to file?" Cavanaugh said. "It wouldn't make sense."

Cavanaugh claims artificial turf leaches dangerous toxins and has caused high ankle sprains for some of the league's 225 boys, ages 7 to 16.

Too bad you don't play soccer. Because Parks allows those teams to play wherever they want, including on the fields they are banning you from. And if you played Irish football, Bloomberg would direct the city to seek 6 acres of space for you. Learn how to play a tweeder sport and you'll get more respect.

I'm sorry you were forced off the field over which the 9/11 memorial banner honoring your coach, Stephen Hoffman, hangs.


Taxpayer said...

"The city wants the team confined to turf fields, arguing that the pounding and grinding of football cleats do irreparable damage to grass."

- - -

The health of the grass is far more important to the Commissar, Benepe and Lewandowski than the health of these youngsters. The Commissar and his lickspittles want these young boys to play in the carcinogenic matter they took vast kickbacks to place in so many parks.

Save that grass! Kill those kids!

Once again, the Commissar just being the Commissar.

By the way, years ago a similar case concerning a winning Lotto ticket was decided.

The state claimed that the ticket was void because it was never properly entered into the Lotto computer.

The judge ruled for the winning ticket holder based on the following - very sensible - reasoning: The ticket purchaser had no power to require or verify that the ticket purchase was properly stored. The state had all the power over what data was entered and stored and preserved on its computer.

I see a parallel in the Falcons' permit request.

Who knows what the Parks' officials did to the stored application once they spotted that it was filed by the Falcons, a team that they wanted off the grass and on to the cancer causing artificial turf.

The Commissar and Parks Department had a more powerful motive to delete records than the Falcons did to fail to file.

I rule for the Falcons.

If soccer players can use the grass, then so can the Falcons!

The city - under the Commissar - once again cheated the kids!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

The city - under the Commissar - once again cheated the kids!

Zat'z rich...und zo am I!

linda said...

the commiss' lives near juniper park and is a racist pig! i said over and over to protest, shit i would of brought the whole league to her block. the judge should be ashamed of himself!!! how can anyone tell young boys, they cannot play in a park on grass, what the hell is going on the everyone?? it's a damn shame and there's always next season, she cannot keep denying them because then the truth will be seen..

Helen said...

It's doubtful that young men playing Football can do any more damage to grass than young men playing Soccer.

After all, what is the purpose of planting grass other than to be enjoyed by youngsters at recreation?

Let The Falcons play on the grass. This denial is a disgrace!!!

Anonymous said...

How about closing the area during the off-season for football and re-seeding it and re-sodding it?

This is what the Brooklyn Botanic Garden does to maintain their Cherry Esplanade which is heavily used by thousands of visitors every year.

In the meantime too, I hope progress is made in identifying the tree destroyer and prosecuting him.

The quicker he is identified and brought to justice, the easier it will be to get the Parks Department to see reason and meet the community half-way.

Things go better when the fanatics sit out the debate and more reasonable minds prevail.

Jim Hoffman said...

Kids have been playing on these fields since I was a kid, what are parks for??? It's a disgrace to the community!!
As parents are we raising grass or well rounded young men?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is what happens when the Queens Parks Commissioner lives too close to juniper Park. Maybe its treated more like her backyard and doesn't want to hear kids making noise.

Anonymous said...

And then all will complain that kids are too obese. Keep making more and more rules for their playtime and they'll sit home in front of the computer. No football in the park, no stickball in the schoolyard, because there isn't a schoolyard anymore, no running bases on the sidewalk because of all the damage the tree roots have done and the slow pace of the city to alleviate the issues.

Anonymous said...

Why not just work with the sports teams utilizing the grass each year to help re-seed in September using the kids as volunteers, teaching them to take care of things that they use?

Anonymous said...

The parks ridiculus in there claim that football cleats tear up the grass but the scoccer teams given permits to those same fields do not tear up the grass.It is rumored that the scoccer teams carry more political power than the football people in the city and that is the reason for the ruling, the mayor needs all the votes he can get, but not this way. But I am sure everyone will be happy to pay for damages because the kids are on the streets with idle time on there hands.

Anonymous said...

Shame on You BoB.

Dan C said...

Parks are meant to be enjoyed by all, especially the kids. If the Parks department feels that the football teams are damaging the fields, they should negotiate the permits to require the league to re-seed after the season ends. I am sure the Falcons would be happy to do this in return for a grass field to play on. Bottom line is the parks should be used as a recreational area and not a personal gardening area. Let them play on the field, just ask them to fund whatever damage they may cause. This should be applied to the soccer leagues as well. It is ridiculous that one sport is viewed any different than the other as far as being detrimental to the grass.