Monday, November 2, 2009

Avella and Halloran working together on police academy

Halloran Stands up for College Point at City Hall Hearing
Candidate Makes Case for Safeguards in New Police Academy Proposal

Dan Halloran had a simple message for City Council Members on Monday at the Meeting of the Landmarks, Public Siting and Maritime Uses: College Point needs a police academy.

But Halloran cautioned we must listen carefully to the concerns expressed by the community and plan properly. The police academy is a $1.5 billion project, and it must be implemented with measures to mitigate adverse impacts on the community.

“This police academy could potentially be helpful to the area around College Point Boulevard, but only if the community's recommendations are incorporated into the final project,” said Halloran.

Halloran warned that the City must do its due diligence in planning, or the new academy may actually hurt the neighborhood.

“There are only three roads in and out of College Point, and this station is going to be at the intersection of two of them,” Halloran said. “I have serious questions about the transit impact this will have on the community.

“I am joining with Council Member Tony Avella and civic leaders in cautioning that this has to be done right or not at all. If done right, there will be adequate mitigation measures, the opportunity for increased public safety, and even a police substation, which would ultimately benefit the neighborhood."

Halloran pointed out that a police academy will add hundreds of police cars to the streets of College Point.

“The neighborhood already has very few parking spaces available for its residents,” Halloran said. “We have to have a plan in place – where are these extra cars going to go? The people of College Point deserve answers, and we owe it to them to think things through.”

As added benefits, the police academy will make the neighborhood safer and boost College Point’s economy, Halloran said.

“The small businesses of College Point just got 5,000 new potential customers,” Halloran said. “And those potential customers also happen to give the area a strong police presence. This will deter crime.”


Taxpayer said...

How 'bout that?

Halloran actually has the audacity to plan to represent the taxpaying residents of College Point rather than developers, contractors or the Commissar (or better still, Thompson).

What kind of Council Member will he ever be, thinking that he is in office to represent the interests of constituents?

Vote for Halloran!

OB One said...

The Dukun (Kim) side of The Force will represent his downtown Flushing developer/contributors!

M.Nussbaum said...

5000 new customers? Where can I set up the bordellos?

Anonymous said...

Getting his picture taken with Tony Avella two days before the election is as close to an endorsement as possible in the current climate. If Tony didn't support Halloran, he would have avoided him like H1N1.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, im sure all the deli's and food shops will be happy to deal with 5,000 customers who expect them to "take care of them" when they come in for their morning coffee and lunchtime meals.

Anonymous said...

Dan is asleep at the wheel. All this was worked out long ago. Oh thats right he wasn't at those meetings. Dan flip flopped on this big time. He was against it now he's for it. Get a life Dan.

Alan Gross said...

"Dan is asleep at the wheel. All this was worked out long ago. Oh thats right he wasn't at those meetings. Dan flip flopped on this big time. He was against it now he's for it. Get a life Dan."

Maybe it is you who needs to get a life!!! I just posted a video on YouTube of a July 26th rally in College Point regarding the police academy project. It seems like Halloran is well-versed in the issues involved. He begins speaking at 5:10 into the video. Then stay tuned as his opponent, Kevin Kim, looked like a deer in the headlights when it was his turn! I'll bet that you didn't count on my video to show up. Too bad. One video is worth a thousand words. Dan speaks forcefully and shows a clear understanding of all of the nuances of the project. Why don't you save your insults until you get in front of a mirror?

Anonymous said...

Say good by to College points and Whitestones suburban look

5,000 people!!! DAILY

College point is overcrowded as it is, traffic is getting worst both whitestone and college point

Yes if bloomberg is elected they will put a train in college point for that academy bringing in more low income residents.

The white flight has already began in whitestone and college point there all moving to long island

Leave the neighborhoods alone!

CP resident said...

Seeing is believing! After weeks of going back and forth, my mind is now made up. I come from a long line of Democrats but Kim's campaign tactics were bad enough (religious beliefs are not campaign issues), now I can see who is better prepared to fill Tony Avella's shoes. Thank you Queens Crap.

Police Academy said...

Let's move everything to Queens!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Let's move everything to Queens!

I move mein bowelz in Queenz!