Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another MTA fare hike on the way?

'Third fare hike' alarm

The new MTA chief yesterday wouldn't rule out another fare hike in 2010 -- which would mean a third consecutive year of increases hitting subway and bus riders.

"We don't know yet what the circumstances will be and I don't want to be in the range of conjecturing what's going to happen," said agency CEO Jay Walder.

He was responding to a Post question about whether Gov. Paterson's proposal to slash $115 million in aid to the MTA -- part of a larger plan to shore up the state's abysmal finances in 2009 -- would mean fare hikes are on the way.

"Clearly, there is a discussion taking place in Albany about what they need to do in terms of the deficit-reduction plan that will take place. And we will deal with all the circumstances as they come up," Walder said.

Earlier this year, riders and taxpayers tossed the MTA a $2.3 billion lifeline to prevent fares from rising 23 percent.


Nowooski said...

I'd be happy to pay 2x as much for the subway. $89 for a metro-card is the best transportation deal in America. Back when I lived in Michigan, transportation (car+gas+regular upkeep+insurance) cost me over $700/month.

Anonymous said...

Bloomliar hasnt paid the cities 17 percent for the MTA and thats a large reason the fares have been raised twice in the past five years. It was 1.50 not too long ago.

Be a little more creative people because theres many reasons bloombucks could be impeached even though he has a wall of money, lawyers, and Wall St backing.

The guy uses money improperly from tax funds, and elsewhere like a fool. Its just a matter of tearing down the wall of his front groups he filters the money through. Halliburton and other private companies are in court hearings right now overseas for numerous violations.

Anonymous said...

I know more than 1 person who now walk as a result of the fare hike. Not that she can not afford it, simply on principle. Way to go MTA,keep bleeding the masses. They won't have to worry about overcrowding or maintenance anymore when everyone walks.