Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slumlord, homeless causing problems in Corona

From the Daily News:

Locals claimed there has been more crime in the community since their new neighbors moved into 38-01 and 38-09 112th St. Tenants accused their landlord, CI House LLC, of being a "slumlord" that neglected to make repairs in their 55 subsidized apartments.

Problems at the buildings date back to 2007, when they came under new ownership. Soon afterward, some rent-stabilized tenants reported they were being harassed and, in some cases, locked out of their apartments.

Peralta and Borough President Helen Marshall said those actions were part of a campaign by the landlord, Solomon Weider, to get a city contract to house homeless people in the buildings.

The city's Department of Homeless Services later backed away from a deal with Weider after learning of the accusations.

But in October 2008, the agency quietly began moving formerly homeless people into the apartments, saying the company managing the buildings had been sold to a new owner, Irving Langer.

Locals griped last week that they've seen more vandalism in the community since their neighbors moved in.

Meanwhile, tenants in 38-01 and 38-09 112th said their apartments are badly in need of repairs, infested with insects and plagued by mold.

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Anonymous said...

An example of living in an immigrant neighborhood (I always like when they find a yuppie couple that moves into an area because of its divesirty - and never follow up on them once the baby machine gets cranked up).

Come on guys, homeless = tweeded.