Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crowley raises concerns about LaGuardia

From WCBS880:

LaGuardia Airport is dramatically busier than it was years ago, says Queens and Bronx Congressman Joseph Crowley. He tells WCBS Reporter Ginny Kosola there is an airport authorization bill that contains important provisions for LaGuardia.

"The issue surrounding noise and air pollution are very critical to my constituents," said Crowley.

Crowley toured the airport with James Oberstar, the Chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Crowley also wants the FAA to completely study the trash transfer station proposed for college point, to make sure it does not increase the bird population here.


Snake Plissskin said...

These people have been raising concerns about LaGaurdia on a regular basis (makes it look like they are trying to do something, but gives them an out when nothing happens - as is always the case), If they wanted to do something about this airport, they would not stand around while another million move in which makes the use of LaGuardia even heavier. dah-ah.

But then again, we need bike lanes and bike racks at the airport so when Junior and his 'sweety' go home to Nebraska to show her to his parents, they can commute in a green fashion. (maybe after a bike trip we can call her 'sweaty')

But in any case, these headlines come out with numbing regularity. Its like beating up on the NYS Power Authority. A safe thing to comment about as long as its Washington or Albany.

The local city council, well they are heros of the people.

BTW, what the hell has this guy done in Washington - can anyone name any major legislation he has sponsored?

Anonymous said...

Why is he sticking his head out of his shell,is it election time?

Anonymous said...

This guy is useless? What has he done since he's been in office? Anybody?

Anonymous said...

Crowley is a jerk - another study?? Crowley must be running again - evertime he does he jumps on the beat up and concerns of LGA creates. Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

He wants to make sure he can head home to Virginia faster. Joe Crowley is a farce. He doesn't live in New York and doesn't do anything for his constituents. We have the highest pollution and noise from Laguardia and he does nothing. Joe should Go!!