Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anchorage is nice this time of year...

Lost City called attention to this great mailing by Tony Avella's camp:

Mayor Bloomberg has been at it again. In dealing with the serious issue of homelessness in our city, Mike has decided not to deal with it at all. He has been taking your tax dollars to buy homeless New Yorkers one-way tickets out of town instead of trying to find a real solution. That’s not leadership ... that’s just lazy.

If you would like to give Mr. Bloomberg a taste of his own medicine, you can help us send him packing as well. We have a fundraising goal of $150,000. If you help us reach that total, we’ll do two things right away.

1. We’ll make a contribution to a homeless shelter to help alleviate some of the issues they are dealing with.

2. We’ll buy Mike a one-way ticket to Alaska.

Can you make a contribution today and send Mike packing?

You may be asking yourself, “Why Alaska?” Well, with Sarah Palin quitting her job as Governor, and with Mike basically quitting his job since he is afraid of making tough decisions, we thought they may have a lot in common. So make a contribution today and we will purchase and hand-deliver a plane ticket to Alaska to Mayor Bloobmberg as soon as we reach our goal.

If kicking people out of the city is OK by Mike, then maybe Mike won’t mind leaving our city as well.

Thanks for all you do each day to make our city better.

Christian Schneider
Campaign Manager

It's very clever, however, I must admit that I actually agree with the Bloomberg initiative to reunite the homeless with their families. If they have a relative to take them in that lives somewhere else, then why should we taxpayers waste money feeding and housing them here?


Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg is just doing what the Southern Sheriff did years ago when he sent his welfare cases up here for our welfare.

Perhaps that will start up again and Amtrak and Greyhound will lead America out of the recession.

Anonymous said...

Someone should send him and DOB to hell.

Frank said...

I agree, Crappy. I think it's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I will personally pay for a one-way ticket back to Boston for Mayor Bloomberg. I would love for him to be HOMELESS in NYC. Hey,if everybody would donate 1 vote for any other candidate, we could send him packing.

Anony2 said...

My tax dollars help bail out:
1. The banks who used poor judgement giving out ARMS
2. People who showed poor judgement by taking ARMs
I live in a shoebox with a fixed rate
3. Auto companies who moved the factories out of the USA
4. People with older cars to buy newer cars
I use MTA
5. Overpriced furniture in Times Square - too much to say here
6. Wavy sewer grates (not made in the USA) which are not only impossible to walk over but seriously dangerous - especially to the handicapped because Bloomturd thinks it's looks artsy
7. One way tickets to get out of town but you do not have to promise to stay away, so I can go to say Mexico for free, find my own way back to NY and go back to Mexico for free again!
I hope to afford an ACES ticket to the Jersy shore after season for my big vacation this year...

I better go get a second job so I can pay more taxes!

Anonymous said...

"I better go get a second job so I can pay more taxes!"

That is quite the list of things you paid for. Dont complain about living in a shoe box or taking mass transit. You too could have used the bail out money to buy yourself a car. You didn't. Perhaps because you dont need one. So don't complain. Your taxes also went to pay for schools, road maintenance, police and fire protection, waste disposal, and a number of other services.

And the bloomberg idea is a good one. The person who put together that little fund raising campaign is a moron. Raise money to buy a one way ticket to give it to the mayor...what a great use of money.

Queens Crapper said...

Our taxes also went toward funding Claire Shulman's illegal lobbying firm. But let's not go into that.

Anonymous said...

why such oUTrage! at those with someeone and some place to go TO getting sent there ?
beats the streets, shelters costing thousands nightly/lawsuits about these shelters ,etc.

spare us all.

and anon 2 --you're 100% spot ON.