Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bronx golf boondoggle gets worse

From CBS 2:

Rudy Giuliani's dream of building a highfalutin Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course on the site of a toxic waste dump in the Bronx has become Michael Bloomberg's nightmare, but the city is still going through with it even though it's $100 million over budget and is expected to be at least 12 years late.

"It is a complete waste of money. It's a boondoggle and it's something that never should have gone forward," said Geoffrey Croft of the NYC Park Advocates.

There are a lot of questions. Like what happens if the golfers hit their balls into the cemetery next door? Who wants to play on a toxic waste dump? And how much will it cost? The original plans called for charging $120 for a single round of golf. The Black Course at Bethpage, where the U.S. Open was held this summer, charges $60 on weekends. Weekdays are cheaper.

So who can afford to pay $120 for a round of golf?

"The mayor and the real estate developers -- certainly not the people who live around here," Croft said.

An avid golfer, the mayor said the city still plans to build the course, though it is, as he said, "embarrassingly" delayed and has a new problem.

"What we don't have is a developer who's willing to build the clubhouse and that's the problem at the moment," Bloomberg said.

And here's the rub: if contractors don't meet their targeted completion date, which is four years from now, it will be another mayor's problem.

The original development plans were drawn up by Robert Moses in 1949. He promised a sandy beach, lots and lots of public parkland and a tiny golf course.

Oh, how things have changed.

Someone is assuming Bloomberg will still be mayor 4 years from now. Heh.


Anonymous said...

Let the mayor and his developer friends play on a toxic waste dump. Then they will be "on par" with many of their fellow constituents.

georgetheatheist said...

The one thing I agree on with Hugo Chavez is:

Golf is a stupid game.

FJF said...

The fact of the matter is something's got to be done with this site. It's an eyesore right now. Even if they cap it and block it off, it'll still be a welcome relief from the crap you see crossing the Whitestone now.

Missing Foundation said...

Well, hell, they are building housing on a toxic site so what is wrong with a gulf course.

The odd thing is why the city is just not backing out of this?

Name names and give connections. A big waste of money when the shit hits the fan next winter and the bad news Blumturd and Thompson are hiding from us.

Students without schools, communties without parks, people without hospitals.

As a matter of fact, where is Betsy on this?

Taxpayer said...

Don't be so quick to label this a boondoggle.

Any project that can generate millions in kickbacks without anybody getting prosecuted can only be labeled a great success!

Anonymous said...

Students without schools, communties without parks, people without hospitals.

Yuppie turd heads with bike lanes and kayack launching pads and full coverage of dragon boat racing tho.

Got to get your priorities straight.

Anony2 said...

LOL, Right on Taxpayer!

Anonymous said...

should of made a skatepark fo r the kids. has anyone past by the sorry excuse for a skate park Mullaly on e 164th recently ? the children of the bronx deserve better then a golf course which is such an accessable sport may i add - sarcasm*

on any given day their will be more patrons @ mallaly over any city ran golf course any day. but hey skate aprks dont generate money i guess