Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rap concert has cops concerned

From the NY Post:

Superstar rapper 50 Cent is secretly planning to stage a free concert in a schoolyard near the Queens projects where he grew up, and where he was nearly fatally shot -- sparking a wave of fear in the community and prompting cops to prepare for the worst.

"We can't control the area," warned one law-enforcement source, noting that the performance on the grounds of PS 40 in Jamaica will be part of "an outdoor event -- people could walk in from anywhere."

"Someone's gonna try to make a name for themselves," another worried source added. "They're gonna take a shot at him, and they're either gonna hit him or they're gonna miss him and hit some poor, innocent kid or grandmother."

The sources said an army of cops is planning to shut down a massive, 20-block area around the South Jamaica Houses for the "surprise" Aug. 30 concert, which is expected to draw about 10,000 people.

Fitty, who is scheduled to perform at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey the night before, is set to make at an appearance at the neighborhood's "Family Day" on the school's grounds at around 5:30 p.m. He plans to bring celebrity pals with him, the sources said.

However, Bloomberg swears 50 Cent will not perform.


Anonymous said...

OK,i say 5 shot,2Doa.And lots of OT for the popo........

Anonymous said...

Please 50 Cent, if you perform bring some extra security with you. Remember several years ago when people were crushed at a rap concert. Make sure your fans are not hurt.

Anonymous said...

I won't be there, my kids won't be there, so what do I care? Let the parents of those attending worry about their own kids. The only thing the police should be concerned about is containing this thing to the area concerned, and picking up the body parts after.

Anonymous said...

Let him rent the Queens Theatre and pay for his own securiety. Why should cops use Queens taxpayer money to be babysitters. Most in that hood are welfare brats that dont pay tax !

This guys no Roy Orbison or Paul McCartney.
Disturbing how kids today think RAP is music, art or talant.
People rap because they simply cant sing or play anything.
Rap costs nothing to produce, you need a drum track, a mic and a loud PA with big subwoofers.
F_ing gangsta garbage !
Jeez I thaught music went to total shit when I saw 2 of the Sex Pistols spit and throw up on stage and start a wild riot in Ridgewood (Oasis theatre)


Anonymous said...

good god if this was an outdoor concert featuring fallout boy in nassau county these scare mongers wouldnt be busy with their typing fingers ....the problem WILL BE the strong arm policing of the nypd that will more then likly end up with a few arrests and a few more alienated residents of the communiity. here's another one for the scarmonger journalist.

ref. dave chapells block party in the heart of brooklyn. if you expect us to act like shit treat us like we're ganan act like shit ... guess what we're ganna act like shit

Anonymous said...

and further more the nypd or whatever precinct controls that neighborhood should be more concerned with why the hell they "cant control the area" ? If is so riot inducing why the hell was this performance approved in the first place ? why incite fear for what sounds liek a lovely event for the community argh