Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LIRR stations losing ticket offices

From Fox 5:

Long Island Rail Road personnel will be posted at 20 LIRR stations where ticket office windows are scheduled to close in order to assist customers with ticket vending machine usage.

Passenger Services Department employees will be at the impacted stations from Wednesday, August 19 through Tuesday, August 25 (excluding the weekend) during the normal ticket office hours in order to assist customers. The ticket machines at each of the affected stations will be available to customers 24-hours a day.

The closings are part of a cost savings program.

The ticket office closings will take place at the following stations: Bethpage, Broadway, Cedarhurst, Douglaston, East New York, Farmingdale, Floral Park, Forest Hills, Hewlett, Kew Gardens, Lindenhurst, Little Neck, Massapequa Park, New Hyde Park, Northport, Nostrand Avenue, Oceanside, Rosedale, Seaford and Woodmere.

Photo by Ronto on Flickr


Anonymous said...

Expect to lose more money as their machines clog and refuse to dispense tickets.

MTA...Going to Hell

Kevin Walsh said...

Would it kill the LIRR to place ticket machines on both sides of the platforms? Little Neck has two; why not one on each side? Especially now that agents will not be present...

Regina said...

What about this:last Friday I went to the Forest Hills subway station:my metro card was low so I went to the automated machines to refill it. I had to try all 4 machines and each one gave me a processing error message making it impossible to refill my card. Luckily this station still has a manned token booth (where we ALL lined up to refill or purchase cards).
What is the plan "B" if the machines at L.I.R.R. similarly fail? Getting on a train & dealing with a conductor and possibly getting arrested-as happened in an earlier incident?

Peter said...

When was the Forest Hills LIRR ticket office ever open?

Patrick Sweeney said...

Regina - Take a cellphone picture of the vending machine flashing a not working message and show it to the conductor.

Anonymous said...

Those machines wont take cash 1/2 the time and when they do they are slow. They also give you Susan B Anthony Dollars as change.

Little neck is a real pain. From West Mill you have to walk all the way down to the cab stand to buy a ticket. Those machines were made in the early 90s.

BTW Anybody going to Flushing Meadow Park on the Port Washington line during the US Open. Make sure you get a full punch ticket receipt on the train. KEEP YOUR TICKET. The Citys MTA and the cops have a cattle pen and checkpoint upstairs. They will write you a fare beater ticket and will make you pay full fair AGAIN on the spot to enter the park.

I went to King of Corona last year and had this crap pulled on me (treated like a criminal) wile people who flashed US Open Tennis tickets were told "its OK enjoy the game" and let right on through


Anonymous said...

'Take a cellphone picture of the vending machine flashing'
Nope that wont work !
They make you pay full fare on the train + a $3 service charge.
You then have to fill out the date, time, train number, go back and get the ticket machine number on the back of the ticket.
You then must mail the ticket to the MTA-LIRR to be reviewed for a refund 30-90 days. Everything must be filled out and correct.

Sometimes the older LIRR ticket takers(whats left of them)will let you slide if the trains not crowded and nobody knows .
The new people are just like the new young cops---militant like assholes