Saturday, August 1, 2009

Landmarks bill to improve communication with DOB

From the Gotham Gazette:

Manhattan Councilmember Rosie Mendez has a bill, which she first submitted to the Landmarks, Public Siting and Maritime Uses subcommittee in 2007, that seeks to improve communications between the landmarks commission and the buildings department.

The legislation requires that landmarks notify the buildings department, when a property has been "calendared" for designation as a landmark and, conversely, that the buildings department tell the landmarks commission when it has received applications for work on a building being considered for landmarks status. The buildings department also would have to inform the landmarks commission when it receives applications for work on buildings that have been calendared for designation as a landmark. If a building eventually is designated as a landmark, the bill would revoke permits for fa├žade work previously issued by the buildings department.

Intro. 542A was given its second public hearing in June after languishing for two years following an initial one. "We're hoping this time ... we're getting through," said Mendez's chief of staff, Lisa Kaplan, who said she is unsure what the bill's current status is.

It is also unclear exactly why the bill received another hearing after all this time. Andrew Doba, a spokesperson for Council Speaker Christine Quinn, said the legislative process takes time "to get things to where we want them to be ... where there is widespread consensus." Doba added, "There are quite a lot of moving parts in this ... complicated bill."


Anonymous said...

Another law that will accomplish nothing and do less.

LPC and DOB both need a major overhaul.

Anonymous said...

Another stupid bill.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan-centric LPC's Chairman Tierney will buck the new system anyway if his boss Bloomberg instructs him to just look the other way and let one or two historic sites fall through the cracks in the outer boroughs.

Maybe each borough needs its own LPC...provided that it's not comprised of the "usual (do little) suspects"...i.e. the Jeff Gottliebs, the Jeff Kroesslers, the Dr. Jack Eichenbaums, the QHS runts, etc.