Saturday, August 1, 2009

Businesses to shoulder cost of High Line

From the NY Post:

Open less than two months, the High Line already has its hand out.

Facing crowds that are much larger than expected and with the recession putting a crimp in fund-raising, the High Line's founders are proposing a business improvement district that would tax nearby property owners.

"We want to make sure we can keep maintaining the High Line to this level that has worked so well," said Friends of the High Line co-founder Robert Hammond. "We've been talking about it for a while, but now it's becoming more of a necessity."

Hammond said that weekend crowds have averaged 20,000 visitors a day, while weekdays typically draw between 6,000 and 10,000 visitors -- about four times as many as predicted before the park's opening on June 9.

With the added crowds have come higher maintenance costs, Hammond said.


Kevin Walsh said...

Sex and the City was filming there already. I've walked it, it has good views but it's meant as a park for the rich lower west siders and tourists.

Anonymous said...

The high line was a well-kept secret for years and was quiet and peaceful. Now that the city government is involved the businesses there will continue to be taxed until they close up shop. See what happens when government takes over. Wait till the Feds take over health care and you have to wait weeks to see a doctor. You know they will screw that up.

Taxpayer said...

The city refuses to charge users a fee for entering the park.

But, the Commissar demands that business owners who DO NOT use the park must pay for those (even tourists) who do.

This madman must be removed from office!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Let's dump his ass!!

Anonymous said...

how many millions for this bs ?
and like KWalsh and the next 1 said I will add my usual comment...."they want that island only for the rich".
I'm sorry i misplaced the locations/addresses of eminent domain demolitions to make way for another total waste--the 2nd ave subway, the extension from grand central to penn station ,from the 7 to the javitts etc.. When that list was published,and it was a while ago- ,I told my family to pay attention here as the city/state was already broke,but they got these properties. gee,what happens now ?
displaced generational family from the former,authentic HellsKitchen.

Anonymous said...

Somebody was high on something when they conceived of the High Line Park and didn't take into account the high cost of its upkeep!

Those sheeshy Chelsea and Village people always seem to be forcing their agenda on the rest of us.

How about a badly needed park for the working class at the St. Saviour's site?

Maybe Maspeth should position itself as the new gay mecca to get noticed by the mayor.