Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crap spreading east

Not Forest hills but Manhasset (#2 Combes drive) this was a 2 story Cape ---just slapped with a stop work order.

They couldn’t build a new house so they simply installed a spiral staircase on the outside, killed the lawn and started bricking over the existing house.

From outside, it sounded like everything inside the house was being smashed ---- imported by N Shore LIJ Hospital.

Numbers #1 and #4 could await the same fate.

- Joe

PS: I think N Shore LIJ Hospital may have gotten into the mortgage business.


Anonymous said...

Parts of Manhasset are definitely beautiful but I think the area in general is a little overrated. Not worth the big $$$ people have spent there recently.

-Joe said...

Im in Manhasset right now.
I flip Flop back and forth

Its real nice on weekends when all the idiots and snoots race to Hamptons and the North Fork. (Just stay away from Manorhaven or Bar beach).
The Hospital and the Great Neck Kosher Nostra now running Town Hall are killing the town.
North Hempsted NEVER was part of Nassau County however that tweed loving piece of sh*t Tom Suozzi wants votes to be Govonor)

The Great Neck Kosher Nostra now running North Hempstead go along with along with Tom Souzzi everytime he has a plan to consolidate or build high density.

The last brainstorm was merging the private beaches and parks with Nassua County.
Now a family's of 20 Mextizos from Carl Place can come Manorhaven or Bar beach, get piss drunk, start fights hooting at women and leave a mountain of garbage.

You now have to get in a boat and go to Sands point for peace, quiet and privacy.

BTW: The building inspector and plan approver were thrown in jail for bribery along with several others. They also co-owned construction companys on the side

Lots of crap got put up.

Anonymous said...

What section of Manhasset is this?

-Joe said...

Un-incorporated known as Bayview

The issue with the parks and beaches is all of North Hempstead

Anonymous said...

I didn't care for that Bayview area so much. A couple of years ago we were looking to buy in Manhasset. We almost bought a house on Deepdale Drive in the Strathmore section and I really fell in love with a house in Plandome Heights on The Waterway but it was too expensive. No matter waht beautiful house I saw, I always felt my house in Queens was better and more convenient for me.
But Bayview? Too hilly and the houses weren't as nice.

-Joe said...

I have a corner house not far from the POS posted.
It was formally a carriage house for the Combes farm. I can fit all my classic cars.

I was just at the meeting...what pieces of shit the town board are.
"you will be notified my mail to our decision'

Looks like the town is going to let those BUk-Rahs keep the "payola" modification rather then get into another costly lawsuit. They alreasy pay to bring in extra law firms to deal with all the dirty shit the allowed to happen..
The arrests of the Town inspector and other town employees were an embarrassment the suits don’t want dug up before an election. The town already had to bring in a outside law firms to help deal with the Lawsuits.
Bottom line
----Like 1 family homes with 1 kitchen, unfinished basements, Lawsuits drain coffers needed to give themselves raises. They just let the shit fester and call it progress.

Your right, you may as well live it Queens and save a bunch of $$.
I'm going to eventually move back to Ridgewood or Maspeth or live in Mattituck full time.

The only reason I put up with this shit is because my aging parents need the medical care 2-Im a 3 minute walk +28 minutes to Penn Station when I need to get away

Manhasset or ANYPLACE in North Hempstead (aside Beacon Hill) is no longer worth the money.

Anonymous said...

I thought Manhasset snots were able to fight this kind of trash better than us city folk.

-Joe said...

Not any more...Many of the WASPS died out their children cashed out and moved before 911
Without them the Jewish in Great Neck and hospital workers now out number us.
They all vote Democrat
All Great Neck Jewish Democrats took over Town Hall for the first time in the towns 200 year history
Those people want shopping centers, apartment buildings, cement aeuro-fucco mid-eastern looking forts with no lawns or trees to maintain.

The township loves the bigger tax base to pay themselves with, hire more "friends"
Now all the broke and busted Wall street criminals side with the Democrats thinking building up the density will keep taxes down.
F_ing morons !!

Anonymous said...

What a shame. It sounds like you need to come back here to Queens. You'll probably be happier.

But forget Ridgewood. Move to the Bayside/Whitestone area. It's really nice around here.

Queens Crapper said...

Until January 1st, 2010 when Paul Vallone gets in.

Anonymous said...


There's no way.

Anonymous said...

You people are all morons. Queens Crapper, you have no idea what you're talking about. The house is NOT a two story cape, it's a contemporary colonial. That is NOT a spiral staircase in the front of the house. The house which was built in the 80's had a contemporary look. The owners simply bricked up the front and left side to make it look a little more traditional. I grew up on the block and I know the owners. You need to get your facts straight before you go posting this nonsense on the internet. You want to see some Queens crap...take a ride into Strathmore! You stupid jackass!