Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sign to nowhere

From NY1:

Parkway Hospital in Forest Hills shut its doors last November after the state ordered it closed in an effort to reduce Medicaid costs.

But this Blue Department of Transportation sign on the service road off the Grand Central Parkway directs drivers to the former hospital by saying it's straight ahead.

While the building does house some outpatient services like a hyperbaric chamber, Parkway does not own a license to operate as a hospital and there is no emergency medical care provided.

When NY1 arrived at Parkway Hospital, our crew found the emergency room doors locked up.

A spokesman for the DOT says a crew has inspected the location and the sign in question will be removed Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Gee they spent millions in sign change (and adverstising) overnight for the Triboro Bridge which seems to be getting as much traction with its new name as 'Av of the Americas'.

warp10 said...

DOT - Queens Borough Engineering, the department responsible for installing, removing, and replacing street signs is incompetent. At least a third of the work orders for repair of damaged street signs I report via 311 online come back as "Not Found" despite giving them the side of the street the sign is on and the two cross streets. Once I received a call after reporting a damaged sign at the southwest corner of a typical 4 way intersection. The genius said that there are 2 southwest corners. Where do they find these people?

Anonymous said...

That one could kill people. Ignorant and out-of-touch people could waste time looking for that hospital.

Queens Crapper said...

No to mention out-of-town visitors would most certainly not be aware of the hospital's demise.