Sunday, August 2, 2009

Developers blight Flushing Avenue with abandoned projects

From the Real Deal:

Across the street from the affordable housing complex Marcy Houses lies a block of Flushing Avenue that has been particularly hard-hit by recent construction stops. The block, which is predominately populated by Hasidic Jews, is located on the north side of Flushing Avenue, between Lee and Marcy avenues. The partially built block is situated on the border between Bedford-Stuyvesant and South Williamsburg.

At 587-589 and 591 Flushing Avenue sit two vacant seven-story condos, with a total of 30 units. The buildings are on the market as a package with an asking price of $15.75 million, according to real estate Web site They do not have a certificate of occupancy, a Department of Buildings spokesperson said, meaning more work needs to be done before the building is ready for occupants.


Anonymous said...

The staggard balconies look like Hasid housing.

So what?

Developers blight [name your favorite Queens street here] with finished projects.

ceiling on my head lady said...

All these bleeping, "Luxury" apartments and I have nowhere safe to lay my head.

Anonymous said...

Those buildings were being built by the jewish community for the jwesih community. They said all apartments were spoken for by low income jewsih people, what happened? did they run out of bribe money?