Sunday, August 2, 2009

Goose gassing angers Baysiders

From the Times Ledger:

Northeast Queens activists said they were upset to find out Canada geese had recently been removed by a federal agency from Oakland Lake in Bayside and gassed following the crash landing of a U.S. Airways flight on the Hudson River earlier this year.

City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside) said he wrote a letter this month to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to inquire why the birds had been removed from the lake, arguing the method was ineffective.

Susan Seinfeld, district manager for Community Board 11, said the board had not been notified about the geese being taken away.

Bayside environmental activists said they believed the birds could have been extracted without being gassed.

“It seems to me there could have been other options,” said Aline Euler, of the Alley Pond Environmental Center.

Daniel Egers, president of Friends of Oakland Lake, said he was upset the community was not notified before the USDA removed the birds.

“Oakland Lake is a natural treasure and it should be preserved in its natural state,” he said. “Gassing the wildlife there goes against that.”


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a ruthless killer and stupid, too. His plan to make these innocent birds "extinct" is doomed to fail anyway, in addition to being cruel and costly.

Steve Behar said...

This is despicable! While us environmental activists are out here trying to create more green space and beautify our great parks in Northeast Queens, these idiots are gassing our wildlife at Oakland Lake!

Can't wait for them to tell us its OK to put a waste transfer station in College Point across from LaGuardia Airport! IDIOTS!

Taxpayer said...

This is Commissar Death and Taxes' response to whatever he cannot comprehend (and he can comprehend very, very little): "Kill it!".

The US Air Force, flying planes with weapons - including nuclear - uses entirely non-lethal techniques to make all birds keep their distance from their planes.

But this heartless moron would rather use his own "Final Solution" to get rid of the geese.

What does he fear from live geese? That they will demonstrate a superior intellect than the Commissar? That they have far more humane instincts than he exhibits?

Let's use our own Final Solution on his plans for a third term.

Put him out of our misery on September 15th.

Anonymous said...

The Bloomberg news organization reflects the commissar's own views?:

Heaven help us if the Obama health care plan is passed. Speaking of passing one, is that Shulman lurking in the shadows?