Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's getting late early for the Doorman

From PolitickerNY:

Certainly, things haven’t gone precisely as planned for the ambitious, relentlessly upbeat councilman from Queens this year. The entry of the well-known former public advocate, Mark Green, into the race earlier this year wobbled whatever plans Mr. Gioia had of gradually introducing himself to voters in the five boroughs who live outside of northwest Queens. And Bill de Blasio, a councilman from Brooklyn who is, like Mr. Gioia, an above-average political operator, made off with the lion’s share of early institutional endorsements, including that of the crucial Working Families Party.

With six weeks until the primary, polling—for what it’s worth—shows Mr. Gioia running last among the competing Democrats, behind Mr. Green, Mr. de Blasio and civil-liberties lawyer Normal Siegel.

Meanwhile, there has been at least one personnel change within the campaign: Michael Oliva, a consultant who specializes in field operations, has left after a three-month, $15,500 engagement, citing the campaign’s unwillingness to spend more money to increase its profile.

“Being able to run your field operation for free rests upon two conditions: appeal and fame,” Mr. Oliva told The Observer in an interview shortly after his departure. “Even if you’re as appealing as you think you are, which you usually aren’t, without the fame, you won’t draw in enough people to have any real effect on your campaign.”


Anonymous said...


The hat check girl beats out a doorman's rank any day!

And she gets tipped better too!

Bye, bye....Mr. Gioia Boy!

Maybe Dennis Gallagher might take you on as his boy toy.

We hear that he ain't doing so good with the ladies these days and a cute laddie like you could be a change of pace for a butt f-----g rapist.

Anonymous said...

Voters needs to show the Doorman the Door. Make sure it hits him on the way out!

georgetheatheist said...

Next year Gioia will be driving a Mr. Softee truck.

PizzaBagel said...

Possibly too late now, but his campaign could have copped the old slogan from Goya Foods: "Gioia -- Oh, Boya!" It might still snag him some Hispanic votes in the primary. Don't put it past him to pander with it.

Here's another suggestion, courtesy of the great Groucho Marx: "Hello, I must be going!"

PizzaBagel said...

Next year Gioia will be driving a Mr. Softee truck.

Nah -- one of the knockoff competitors. (Mister Mushee?)