Friday, August 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Ground gives way at Willets Point

A Fodera Foods truck is stuck at the intersection of 34th Ave and 127th Place in Willets Point after the ground gave way under its front tires.

Police are on the scene.

Thanks for your continued neglect, DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Four more years!


Anonymous said...

Thats the great repair work the city did dumping cold leftover gravel blacktop into holes.
It was all just a photo op

That same crator took out a firetruck and a tour bus last year not including countless WP customers.

Its harder then worse then driving on the moon at Willets Point. NASA's best lunar or Mars rover wouldnt make it.
4X4 trucks with 22+ inch tires get stuck !


kingb said...

all part of the plan . .

Janette Sadik-Khan probably doesn't even know where this is.

Anonymous said...

"Breaking News" indeed!

CJ said...

Just like everything else in this city. Sinking fast.

Four more years?

This administration needs to be Town-Halled.

linda said...

college point has the worst streets, i call it the forgotten town. bloomturd and this city should be ashamed and fix it already.

Anonymous said...

Let's not jump to conclusions. The truck may have been overweight.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Willets Point Boulevard had a bike lane, Sadik-Khan would pay attention to it.

Anonymous said...

"The truck may have been overweight."

Yes, a food delivery truck was overweight.

Anonymous said...

Went to see the Mets last month. Looked over the railing to see this area in my face. It looks worse than Baghdad!

Queens Crapper said...

That's what happens when the city intentionally neglects an area for decades so that Claire and her pals can make mucho dinero off a deal with a developer.

Anonymous said...

I get a "Sinking Feeling" everytime I see Bloomberg on TV singing his praises about what he wants to do for the city. Please, please vote him out or we all will be SUNK!

Anonymous said...

bloomberg and Quinn belongs in jail but FBI is sleeping on the job.

F*king Moron Developers said...

The area was a 19th century resort (believe it - its true) called St Ronans's Well. It featured a large pond in the middle of an island at the mouth of Flushing Meadows.

A great place to build a complex of large buildings, don't you think? And considering that NY gets a good earthquake once a century, and buildings that are put up on landfill are in danger, this area is a disaster waiting to happen - just like Hunters Point, another former swamp.

I trust 19th century landfill, dont you?

Anonymous said...

lmao how can you see the streets below citifield when all those damn signs are all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Now that there's a hole already opened up...why not shove Shulman into it?

It's much too small to accommodate Evan's girth!

Then we'll wait for a bigger one to swallow him up in the future.

Maybe at the culmination of any ongoing federal investigations into TDC(?) money laundering, etc.!

Finding an appropriate sink hole for Toby will be the toughest.