Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bloomie gave out slush fund money illegally

From the NY Times:

For years, aides to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg routed hundreds of thousands of dollars in city money to at least two politically connected nonprofit groups in violation of government contracting rules, according to records and interviews.

The mayor’s office, from 2002 to 2006, gave $1.1 million to Agudath Israel of America Community Services and more than $400,000 to Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services, using a little-known pot of discretionary money that it controls.

By law, the mayor’s office can give the money only if it has been requested by a City Council member or borough president, but in these two instances, records and interviews show, the money was given by the Bloomberg administration and then later attributed to a council member without his knowledge.

Agudath Israel and Ohel provide services including career counseling and mental health care and are powerful institutions in the city’s Orthodox Jewish communities — political forces long courted by the mayor.

And the organizations have substantial ties to the Bloomberg administration: Mr. Bloomberg, since becoming mayor, has personally donated $200,000 to Agudath Israel, and a former top aide to the mayor is a lobbyist for Ohel.

Photo from the Daily News


Taxpayer said...

Naturally he would give them our hard-earned money illegally.

He has power, wants more power, and will smash anyone who interferes with his use of our money for his power grab.

This Commissar is an insult to all that is honest and decent.

Vote him into Boston!

Anonymous said...

Get on the Thompson train now before it blows past you! I'd take Pinkie before I turn to this mayor again!

FED UP said...


Snake Plissskin said...

Hello Betsy, you are a lame duck.

Payback time, honey, payback time.

Simchaiscrook said...

Seriously where is the FBI? No surprise Simcha felder is in the picture with Bloomberg. These 2 Jews have robbed us blind. There are the madoffs in city politics.


king Douchberg said...

Fed can't touch me, I am king. dumb peasants.

Anonymous said...

That is why Bloomberg and Quinn cover up for each other when they belong in jail

Anonymous said...

" These 2 Jews have robbed us blind. "

I really hate to see this speech - Jews gave us our God and as far as I am concerned that leaves a hell of a lot of slack in their alleged behavior.

The point is good and bad is found in all peoples.

Anonymous said...

These - not offensive
two - well there are two of them
Jews - they are both Jews (and deliberately gave the stolen money to Jewish charities)
robbed - if someone did this on the street they would be charged with robbery
us - we taxpayers
blind - we didn't know about it.

I'd say the statement is accurate.

"Jews gave us our God and as far as I am concerned that leaves a hell of a lot of slack in their alleged behavior."

This statement is ludicrous.

If you claim to be holier than everyone else, your actions should reflect that. Don't know who the "us" is that you're referring to, and as far as giving them slack because of it, you've got to be fucking kidding. Maybe we should spring Madoff from the federal pen, too.

Anonymous said...

wth????? Jews gave us God?????? wth??? that is blasphemy. God exist, no one gave him to us!!!!! OMG, humans are dumb. No wonder they are stealing us bind. King Bloomberg is laughing at us why he is sticking it to us.