Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bloomberg caught lying...again

From Barry Popik at Room Eight:

The Obama administration, in response to FOIA requests, dumped some documents this Friday. It appears that the White House was in direct contact with the mayor's office.

As you recall, Mayor Bloomberg was "furious" that he he hadn't been told anything at all about the flyover. The deputy mayors--well, we don't know what they knew. Apparently, the only person who knew anything was a low-level employee named Marc Mugnos.

Does anyone believe all this planning was made between the White House and...Marc Mugnos?

Isn't someone lying here? Someone like..our soon to be third-term mayor?

From ABC News:

Bourland said that despite complaints that would indicate the contrary, in advance of the controversial flight several key local authorities were notified including the New York City Mayor's office, New York Police Department, all three major New York City area airports, the FAA, US Park Police, the New York City Office of Emergency Management, and several law enforcement and emergency management authorities in neighboring New Jersey.


Taxpayer said...

Why wouldn't the Commissar lie? He thought he was part of the "in" crowd and could take credit for the impressive sight of Air Force 1 flying over the Statue of Liberty.


It turned out to be an imbecilic idea, so, as his instinct for saving his own skin required, he threw some nobody to the curb.

The Commissar knew. He may have even requested the flight.

Now he knows nothing!


Let's dump this little lying turd.

Anonymous said...

The names have been changed to protect the GUILTY!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Popularity does it again.

Bloomberg gets caught with his pants down...and his teenie weenie up us taxpayers' asses!