Monday, June 15, 2009

Willowbrook Crap

Well here we are in Staten Island at the intersection of Willowbrook Road and Bradley Avenue. The greenery at this corner was quite lush when this Google map shot was taken.

An old house with an open porch was hidden amidst the trees.

Uh oh...what's that yellow sign?

Land for sale...
Goodbye trees, hello crap. There are now two "2-family" homes being built here (although each will have a cellar, basement and two floors above that) and as it's on a corner, don't expect too much green space.

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william said...

That's Staten Island for you. You think Queens is bad. We had the Growth Management Task Force and one of the worst developers on Staten Island (R. Randy Lee) was on it. The Buildings Dept. is no help, nor is City Planning.