Monday, June 15, 2009

Why crime numbers are down

From Miss Heather:

...Laura called the police— and guess what? After taking an hour to show up they didn’t seem to care!

The police got there over an hour later. The PO ( Ferguson ) said that we couldn’t make out a report. He did however give me the precinct phone number ( after some push from me ) so I could call in the licensed plate number when I enlarged the photo. I enlarged it and did leave that message… I don’t believe that I couldn’t fill out a police report just because the offenders left. I feel that I was denied a police report. Technically, there’s nothing on record at the 94th about this incident. And that’s how the precinct likes it. I called 911, so it’s in their system… I’m really tired of not getting help from the 94th Precinct. These youths know my family’s faces. And they are evidently a nasty group. The last thing we need is a nasty group of drinkers at that park. The lack of police interest makes me feel like we’re in the position to defend ourselves…

Welcome to life in the 94th Precinct.


Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is Compstat, which is senior management's way of tying a precinct commander's future promotion to his or her ability to reduce crime stats.

If that's not a recipe for burying or downgrading crime reports, what is?

-Joe said...

We had these "sputnics" and there women raising hell every dam night at the Bosna social club on Seneca and Norman every night.

This is why I like living in Southold.
One sighting and 100 Italians and Polish show up with 2x4s and pitchforks wile their sibling cops close the road.

Anonymous said...

If I were the cop, I would just take the report. But as far as any real enforcement, forget it. Libs like little Miss Heather would go crazy if she saw some cop giving these little punks the smackdown they so richly deserved.
The libs neutered the cops in this city, and now this ungreatful city is getting the police protection (or lack of it) that they deserve. I wouldn't be a cop in this city for a million dollars.

Anonymous said...

Need to form an organized local vigil group to march into the precinct with the press following ("you tube" it too) and voice your complaints in person...damn loud!

Forget about the community bored!

H-m-m-m....lazy or corrupt cops...isn't that how the "mafia" was born in Sicily and the "black hand" was formed in Naples?

Anonymous said...

When the "mafia" was around this trash would first get a warning.
Then get there asses kicked is they didnt stop and clean it up.

Planet of The Apes is the future of this lib run sanctuary city.
----Its gone finished.

There is no way the cops are going to be allowed keep order
I think the best thing to do is check out and try to enjoy whats left this summer.
Im going to plan some "wake" trips to Bushwick, Ridgewood, MV and Maspeth.

I agree with the above poster. The libs neutered the cops and elected all the idiots.

As Ed Koch said over 15 years ago when Dinkins was elected.
"Dont be upset it does no good. The people need to be punished"

Yes. Let them get the protection (or lack of) and qualiety of life that they deserve as punishment

Anonymous said...

RIdgewood is going down the tubes fast. Now there are huge loud parties across the way from me every weekend, a bunch of a holes on the street drinking beer, screaming with incredibly loud music, all coming from an illegal 3rd apt in a 2 family house. And the cops never show up.

-Joe said...

The 104 pct was always called the retirement home.
Even by my own uncle who was a cop.
He got fed up with with the citys dirty curruption, Compstat, cooking stats and reverse discrimination he quit moved to Bethpage and joined the Fire Department.

Today at 68 he has ulcers and heart trouble

Anonymous said...

It is not that the cops aren't doing their job, it is just that they are now doing whatever duties they are STILL allowed to perform, after being stripped of their authority by the likes of Bloomburg, Sharpton, Barron and the ACLU. Think about it, if the cops try to do something about these kids and they tell the cops to f--- off, what can the cops do? Any action they take would be reported to the locals as brutality, and would result in jail, lawsuits and getting fired for the cop.