Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby dies at day care center

From Eyewitness News:

OZONE PARK (WABC) -- An 11-month-old toddler drowned Monday morning after he climbed face-first into a bucket inside an illegal Queens daycare facility, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation.

The child, who was not immediately identified, was in cardiac arrest when EMS arrived. He was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The liquid contents of the bucket could not be confirmed.

The daycare center was operated from a single-family house, at 101-27 108th Street in Richmond Hill, Queens, and was illegal, according to sources. The name of the facility, if it has one, could not be confirmed. In the window are letters reading "Childcare All Day Every Day."

Detectives are questioning the owner of the house and at least one other adult who was present at the time of the drowning. Law enforcement sources tell Eyewitness News the owner will be arrested, but charges have not been filed.


Anonymous said...

For the record, it was technically a legal setup.
Basically a mother babysitting a couple of xtra kids.

Daily News has more detail

Anonymous said...

This is sad and going to hard for the parents of this baby. As a Lic daycare provider, i believe even informal providers should have to go through some kind of training. I am not saying that this sort of thing would not have happened if she was lic, beacause it does, but she would have at least been a little more aware of dangers to children, as children can drown in just one inch of water. Taking care of someone elses children is not an easy thing and should be given 110% care and attention.

Anonymous said...

The news reports are confusing--which is it, Ozone Park or Richmond Hill??

Anonymous said...

Dont know which part it's considered but it's on 108 st and 101 ave.

Anonymous said...

If it's south of Atlantic Avenue (and it is) then it's Ozone Park, North of Atlantic is Richmond Hill.

In my opinion, once a sign is posted in front of the house advertising their services (and I don't know if that is the case here), it should no longer be considered a mom trying to pick up a couple of extra bucks babysitting, but as a business and thus regulated.

Anonymous said...

I agree. She did have posted on her windows that it's a daycare so if you aren't lic you should not be advertising. I Have also seen her listings on craigslist. I read this morning at the hearing she admitted to taking nyquil and going down for a nap while the child was there. I would be so pissed!

Ron Knight said...

It pain's to hear such news. What a tragedy has occured. Children should not be trated so rudely at any cost, they are the future of the society.

Anonymous said...

Why I will NEVER put my daughter in daycare. You just cant trust strangers with your baby.