Monday, June 1, 2009

Slumlord still withholding services from Schleicher tenants

From NY1:

Seven College Point families who live in one of the oldest buildings in Queens are heading back to court as a bitter dispute with their landlord continues.

124 outstanding violations? How many does it take before the Bloomberg administration puts an end to situations that threaten the lives of Queens folk? In Manhattan, only 103 violations will get your billboard torn down...


PizzaBagel said...

124 outstanding violations? How many does it take before the Bloomberg administration puts an end to situations that threaten the lives of Queens folk? In Manhattan, only 103 violations will get your billboard torn down...-----------------------------------

True. But even then it takes several years for DOB to get moving. So what's everybody's rush? [heavy sarcasm]

Anonymous said...

They can knock the building down around your head and nothing happens. That has happened to several people on my block, including me.

They can seize your property without payment and dig a giant pit for a huge building without title to all of the land. That is going on on my block too.

...will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Substitute "Crooked real estate interests or Bloomberg" to this partial quote from Thomas Jefferson (originally referring to bank control of the money supply) and you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

Then the tenants should be putting their rent money in an interest bearing escrow account.

Denying a slumlord his needed $$$$$
is the best legal way to encourage him to remove violations and provide adequate services!

What is it with these people?

Time to savvy up folks!


Anonymous said...

The issue here is not the rent...we have our rent!And when we get the services we deserve we WILL PAY IT...BUT SINCE THIS SLUMLORD THINKS SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW...We tenants will do what is necessary to show her ''she cannot get away with her inhumane treatment of people....before you make a comment ,get your facts straight!!Now off to court!!have a nice day!!You sound like a slumlord too!!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean??what is it with these people??They are doing what alot of tenants should be doing with ''Slumlords''Hooray!!I wish them the best,in their struggle!!It is refreshing to see a Slumlord finally get what they deserve!!No Rent''until these poor tenants get a safe place to live...Don't you have heat&hot water where you live&safe electric???I don't think they are asking for much....The whole neigborhood knows this person is a Slumlord'Hooray to these people for stepping up to the plate!!

Anonymous said...


They are only paying $1 a month until the services are fixed. So yeah....they are already doing that. I want to know where these people went when they couldnt live in their building for 9 months. Why would you want to live in such squalor? Just move.

Yeah I know....But why should they move, this is their home....big bad landlord....yada yada yada...

At the same time though, they are making their lives more difficult by staying and fighting with this guy, putting themselves through so much aggravation. Is it worth it? All the stress? No heat, no hot water? no electricity. The LL is a jerk and should pay for what he has done, but enough with the complaining....move out already. Its not like they had it easy with this guy in the past. No one should have to go through what these people are going through.

Queens Crapper said...

These are people who were pushing for landmark status for the house. So apparently it means more to them than just a place to sleep.

Anonymous said...

No,it's not enough with the complaining,this woman has gotten away with murder,due to her neglect of her old man died in a fire there due to faulty electricity...she allowed the tenants to live in dangerous conditions,without regard for anyones safety...And her answer to you is ''If you do not like it move''!!Well we ''Do not like it''&we are not going to move...She was ''Court Ordered to fix this Mansion&we will make sure that she does&this time the correct way!!That is why we testified to see that it become ''Landmarked''!!We love this Mansion!!This woman had us living with 60kw of electric for seven units,when each apartment ''by law'' has to have at least ''100''amps..We could have died in ending,she finally has a group of tenants that are willing to go the extra mile&stand up &fight for our rights!!And i think it is about time someone stood up to this ''Slumlord''No one knows what we went thru these last 9 months...but it only made us more determine to fight for our rights..enough is enough with these ''Slumlords'

Anonymous said...

That polluted College Point water must have affected your brains.

And no...I'm not a slumlord!

Anonymous said...

So....i have to have something wrong now with my brains???No the College Point Water has not affected my brains...I love my apartment&i do not like neighbors are like family to me.We all get along.It is time that someone stood up for the little left in College Point.I am very active where my community is concerned&i am proud to say that i &with the help of Poppenhusen Institute&the civics ass.have all formed together&my thanks to ''Council Tony Avella..who stood besides us &also testified...we will be sucessful in making this Mansion a landmark..It is the only Mansion left in ''College Point.It is History!!Have a good nite!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are crazy. I lived your nightmare for two years while a landlord renovated a building around my ears.

Of course, he did not tell me ahead of time what he planned to do or I would have started looking before he even took title to the building.

The reality is that moving costs a fortune, and with modern credit checks it is not easy to get into a building if you make much less than 60K.

If you are alone and making a moderate income your choice is:

Stay in the hell-hole.

Find a roommate situation and pray you don't wind up saddled with a deadbeat or a psycho (a swat team was called to oust a friend's manic depressive roommate).

Go the foreclosure route and fix it yourself.

Wait until hell freezes over for the city's affordable housing.

Move into an illegal place were you can be burned up in a fire.

Is it any wonder people stay and fight?

Anonymous said...

Thank You ''Queens Crapper''

Anonymous said...

I didn't tell you to move.

And I've been volunteering in College Point for years EVEN THOUGH I LIVE MILES AWAY FROM IT!

Maybe you need to sharpen up your battle tactics a little though.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say ''Thank YOU'',Your services are much appreciated.this is what it is all about..people becoming involved&making a ''CHANGE''in this you have your job&i have mine..mine is to take my battle&make things right..not onlt for me,but for my community..Schleicher's Court Mansion''will stand!!

a former trustee of QHS said...

Never accept "NO" as an answer!


Keep on fighting to preserve our
worthy historical sites just as those intrepid warriors have done for the RKO Keith's!

"It ain't over 'til it's over"!

Sonny said...

Have you checked out

Here's the link

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out all the stories about this ''Slumlord''??No services,No Rent!!she deserves all this &more!!she should have been put in jail..with no heat,no hot water,no electric..see how she would feel...if you have not been in these peoples do not know what hell they went on that note..think about it..