Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Run for your lives!

Great shot from Fleet Week:

Flushing Meadows Invaded


Alan said...

Does anyone know when the last Queens Day fair at Flushing-Meadows Corona Park was held? I remember a couple in the mid-80's. During the 1986 celebration, I spent 2 days over the fair in the McDonald's blimp and took photos and videos. I also visited the park when not in the airship and took some video as well. There was a couple of stages and many interesting exhibits. What happened?

Anonymous said...

too many soccer games going on :)

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Meatloaf in concert during the '86 Queens day. I recall in the mid '90's a huge gang presence and I think that was the end og Queens day.

Alan said...

Meatloaf? Damn! And I was stuck in a blimp with Lou Pearlman flying over Queens for about 4 hours on one of my flights. At least I got to hang over the Mitchell-Linden area for a while. I shot some video and photos of the recently closed (at the time) Flushing Airport.

Actually, in some respects I was a bit jealous of the people on the ground because I was unable to participate and see a concert. However, I know that this was a special event for the people of Queens and when I retired from the blimp touring, I did make it to a few Queens Day celebrations at the park.

As I recall, there were booths and exhibits, including military demonstrations. I know that stages were set up and there were concerts but nothing like seeing Meatloaf!

My memories of the Flushing/Corona Park pre-date the '64 World's Fair. My parents took me to see several water shows at the torn down Billy Rose Aquacade. I enjoyed the dancing waters, synchronized swimming, diving, but most of all the clowns.

The idea of the Queens Day events was to bring together the diverse communities that make up this unique borough and I think that they did do that. I am so sorry to hear that gang activity caused them to cancel the annual event. How was this allowed to happen? Where was the police presence? I am a bit confused and saddened by this news.

linda said...

alan, where the hell were you the last 23 years? and you flew in a blimp? pretty cool :)

Alan said...


I've been back in Queens since 1989 but I have to admit that I have not been to Flushing-Meadows Corona Park often. I did speak about my airship experiences at the Queens Museum a few years ago and compared shots taken from my various blimp flights over NYC to the Panorama. The people who came stayed until the very end, which included a lengthy question and answer session. I found the interest very gratifying.

As I've explained on this blog in the past, my interest in airships began in 1964 when 2 Goodyear blimps moored at Flushing Airport. Since then, I worked for several companies on various flight crews and now do consulting work.

I also accumulated enough archive material to create many blimp museums. My obsession has brought me international notoriety and several TV appearances. When I proposed the blimp port project for Flushing Airport, I was hoping to leave all of this material for the people of Queens to enjoy long after I am gone. You can thank Bloomturd and the EDC for crushing the dream.