Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Foreclosed properties are a squatter's paradise

From the NY Post:

They should be prime local real estate -- a line of 16 quaint bungalows in the Rockaways, right on the beach, decorated with sea air and sunshine.

Instead, like a growing number of abandoned and foreclosed properties around New York City, they are home to only squatters -- eight Salvadorans who ripped away cheap plywood that sealed the doors and windows and set up camp.

The shacks are in bad shape, lacking water, heat and electricity. But the few that are habitable have been turned into adequate shelters, complete with front porches, buckets to collect rainwater, and small courtyard gardens seeded with jalapeno peppers and tomatoes.

"It's nice and calm here," said Roberto Escobar, a 53-year-old native of El Salvador who used to make his living as a day laborer until business dried up.


Anonymous said...

This is just great....squatters. Do they get squatters rights?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have squatters somewhat maintain the property and keep it semi OK than rats finding new refuge.

But once they break the law (I mean crimes against orthers) we need to burn down those houses

Anonymous said...

No electricity means no loud music!


Snake Plissskin said...

The Landmarks Commission will calender these like the casasitas in the Bronx, and City Lore will feature them in a piece as Richmond Hills gets taken apart board by board.

Its the immigrant thing, stupid.

mazeartist said...

Good for the squatters. They saw an unused property, and made use of it. It's better than having the home sitting empty and collecting dust. On the other hand, as the new residents, they should pay taxes, too.

Taxpayer said...

What the illegal aliens have learned from Commissar Death and Taxes is the use of eminent domain to take private property for private and profitable purposes. No rent, mortgage, insurance, property taxes.

Yeah! Commissar! The great teacher!

Let's expel this moron on November 3.

Anonymous said...

What the illegal aliens have learned...

At least somebody's learning something. Not you. Where in the article does it say anything about "illegal aliens"?

Anonymous said...

Squatting is rampant in the south with White Trash hicks who don't maintain and further ruin the property to the point of demolishment when the house is taken over.

Oh.. alot of people on this blog always assume immigrants are illegal, but they don't care because it's obvious that they just plain hate Hispanics.

linda said...

did anyone noticed illegal squatter's...... why hasn't anyone arrested them for breaking in and better yet deporting them?

this is why everything is going to shit...........

Anonymous said...

linda said...
did anyone noticed illegal squatter's...... why hasn't anyone arrested them for breaking in and better yet deporting them?

Who said they were illegal immigrants?
...Oh that's right Linda, they must be because they are Hispanic. Nice.

When someone breaks in, who is pressing charges? The bank?

Miles Mullin said...

my my muy

The hacks are out in force today.

Maybe they can answer this?

Why doesnt this happen in Manhattan neighborhoods?

Why is this 3rd world setting just dandy for Queens? What impact will this have on the image (and property values) of the boro?

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt this happen in Manhattan neighborhoods?

How many houses are in Manhattan?

How many houses then hit foreclosure and stay on the market for months?


You're right, Wyoming doesn't have areas of WHITE third world with foreclosures. NOT! Open the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

How many houses are in Manhattan?


Maybe I am a bit older than you but I remember plenty of buildings in Manhattan that were empty and when squatters moved in, were promptly evicted.

Now take a look at the rust belt. In some communities nearly half the houses are empty. Anyone gleeful at finding this as an opportunity to expand that cancer, the 'gorgous mosaic'?

No, they tear them down.

Its amazing how simple things can be when you dont have the complex Alice in Wonderland world of the Queens elite calling the shots and defining reality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I recall some lower east side...around Tompkins Square Park buildings...inhabited by squatters practically long enough to establish legal residency.

They were "moved out" just prior to gentrifying the nabe.

Manhattan real estate is far too valuable so the law got enforced.

Not so in Queens where anything goes.

Is that vicious MS 13 Salvadoran gang in the Rockaways now too?

linda said...

Who said they were illegal immigrants?
...Oh that's right Linda, they must be because they are Hispanic. Nice.

When someone breaks in, who is pressing charges? The bank?

first i didn't say anything about their background the article did, second if they were legal why wouldn't they then seek help for the state. right away you have to turn this into a racist remark! anonymous i have the right to my opinion, as you do. i'm not going to appolize for my opinions on illegals. they come here breaking the law and screw our great country out of taxes. I also blame the companies that hire them. This country should get after anyone who hires them illegally and don't pay taxes. So i don't give a crap which background you are, to me illegal is illegal.... come here the proper way, pay taxes. and who are you kidding bet ya they're illegals........

Anonymous said...

"It's nice and calm here," said Roberto Escobar, a 53-year-old native of El Salvador who used to make his living as a day laborer until business dried up

hmm sounds like an illegal to me day laborer....... lmao who are you kidding

Anonymous said...

linda said...
second if they were legal why wouldn't they then seek help for the state.

Linda not to correct you but is the alternative to get help in a homeless shelter? Alot of non-illegal Americans would gladly live in an abandoned house (and there are thousands doing so today around the country) than live in a homeless shelter

Anonymous said...

Squatters ripping out the plywood that blocks the doors and windows - the very material to keep out burglars and thieves, who are dipicted as squatters?

Lock up these illegal thieves who hide from the law in these forsaken private properties. The owners did not invite anyone to inhabit these structures? Is there no rule of law in this country anymore?

If I were the owner I would take a bat to anyone I found in or on my property who has broken in, using my property and destroying my property.

linda said...

i know shelters are no better but breaking the law and going possibly to jail is worst. It's so sad today all you read is layoffs, lost of homes and sickness.

Joe said...

did anyone noticed illegal squatter's...... why hasn't anyone arrested them for breaking in and better yet deporting them?

There are over 1000 of them living in the Hampton Bay woods. They rob grocery stores, beg for food, stole every BBQ kettle not chained down.
The criminals are killing all the deer and animals in the woods leaving gut piles attract millions of rats, flys and Coyote's.

I spoke with the cops who showed up (after the incident) when some were trying to steal my chickens. They were more interested in my old car and didnt give a dam about the cutters and fingerprints the crook dropped to cut my fence

The cops told me they have orders not to arrest them for petty stuff. The reason is it costs too much money, the domino effect costs the higher ups raises, new equipment, cars etc.
The feds INS and ICE will not pickup illegals unless they are wanted for murder, Child sex abuse or violent first degree felony.
When that happens the cost of processing and jailing ($300 a day since most these people require medical attention).
The doctors, appointed lawyers, food, jail cell. endless pages paperwork get's put on the taxpayers who remember come voting time.

You can’t get blood from a stone plus In the end the church or "friends" bail them out & hand them a bus ticket to the Coyote Railroad

If you get arrested and don’t show up for court, pay your fines the system knows who you are, where you live and what you drive.
The courts and local governments know they are getting their money.

The Pope wants a HUGE piece of these people so churches have been helping them everyway possible.
This includes classes on how to "get over" and abuse the system.
It's even WORSE under Obama. Now all these people are "waiting it out" to get papers, free housing and welfare

Anonymous said...

These squatters are given free reign in nabes with no political juice left.

Anonymous said...

The let the remaining un-foreclosed property owners form a vigilance committee armed with cameras if the cops do squat!

Other "arms" or legs won't be discussed.

After all...mi casa su mi castillio!

linda said...

well joe if you live in the hamptons, i think it's high time that your town comes together with the damn police and get them out of the woods. I really hope you don't have children, because you don't know their backgrounds you don't know what they will do next. I would be freaking out if someone came into my yard and took my shit, i can't believe the damn police from NYC to LONG ISLAND are told to leave them alone, they have rights, fuck that we have rights and we need to protect them.

-Joe said...

The town IS together with the damn Cowboy Cops, thats the problem !!

Cops only go after DWI's and traffic tickets since there is so much easy money in it.
No judge will go against the MAD mothers, its almost impossible to beat a DWI now.
The cops in the Hamptons get to keep (steal) $80,000 confiscated cars, the townships $5000 fines.
Its such an easy take they remove the licence plates and tow before the accused gets to the arrainment judge !!
Why bother a guy with no address, SS#, Drivers license, passport or any authentic ID on a $10 bicycle ?

Getting Back
---I live in Manhasset and Southhold have a house in Ridgewood.
The Hamptons is controlled by your Michael Moore liberals as well as the Jerry Sienfeld, Martha Stewart types who want these people as personal slaves.
The church baught a huge private property for them to squat on in Hampton Bays.

There has now been some spillover of them looking for $$ on to the North Fork during the day.
Some of the locals have been shooting salt guns at them in Southold.

Get this !
The squat monsters dont look for work. They go straight for the roadside farm money boxes.
The bastards take every last penny.
You can always find them with beer sitting on the ground (bus stops) or on bicycles with cases of beer strapped.

linda said...

joe, your killing me....drinking outside is breaking the law, but i guess they'll just get a summons and of course won't pay it. i think it's sicking that this country allows this to continue and they need to give them a one way ticket home. hopefully they don't pass this ammensity bill and focus more on the americans on the unemployment lines, or better yet the americans living in tents in the west after losing their homes.

Anonymous said...

A crime upswing isn't just an isolated far flung Rockaway problem.

I was just informed that there was a (covered up?) drive by shooting at the corner of 164th Street & Crocheron Ave. in beautiful central Broadway/Flushing!

MS 13's tags are all around...most have been gone over by "OFC".

For example with a "F--K MS 13".

What's commander Whelan got to say for the 109th PCT?

Anonymous said...

wow ms-13 is no fxxking joke, so the police better be out in full force. welcome to corona.....

Anonymous said...

I have some family property in limbo since my father's death that I am trying to sell or fix. I sweat about this problem every day.

Still there are two sides to this. No one likes squatters, but until we stop wrecking our country's job base, stop building only for the rich and start re-establishing a middle class with ties to this country we will get more of this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

i cant belive all drama with ms13 and who its covered up by the 109 precient and the cops dont do anything about it. belive it or not the only wons who stand up to ms13 is that o.f.c at least form what i hear i think ofc stands for Out Fighting Crime but not to sure

Anonymous said...

send all the aliens back home and crime and gangs will drop by half