Friday, June 19, 2009

More of Bloomberg's 'hood to be preserved

From the NY Observer:

Developers and property owners may now have one more reason to curse the year 2009: the Landmarks Preservation Commission is on the verge of calendaring an expansion of the Upper East Side Historic District for several blocks across Lexington Avenue, the most critical step toward landmarking the new area.

The current Upper East Side Historic District extends from 59th to 79th streets, stretching from Fifth Avenue just up to Lexington Avenue. Many buildings in the area were built during Reconstruction after the Civil War and during the post-World War I boom. The expansion would include Lexington, from 72nd Street to 75th streets and again from 63rd Street to 65th street.

Thank God, I was afraid Manhattan might get shortchanged on designations this year...

Typically the local landowners and business owners are the ones to protest landmarks—but they haven’t voiced any noticeable public opposition. Among the 80 or so community members who came to the June 3 public meeting 3, there wasn’t a single dissenting voice.

Wow, this certainly ain't Queens they're talking about!

The City Council could also decide to overturn a designation by the LPC—but chances of that are slim. Mr. Garodnick, who represents part of the Upper East Side and is on the Council’s Land Use Committee, has been a “cheerleader” for the cause according to Ms. Worden; and Upper East Side member Jessica Lappin, who chairs the Council’s Landmarks Subcommittee, has also publicly supported the expansion.

Once again, this certainly ain't Queens! The tweeders would be lining up in opposition if it were.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...
Watch me on the steps of City Hal explain why we need to vote Mike Bloomberg, the little emperor of NYC out of office.

I went to bed in the East Village and woke up in a bad xerox of mid-town. The Bowery looks like a bad xerox of mid-town!

I urge you to vote for Tony Avella!

Watch my series and give me 5 stars.

Anonymous said...

Now the Queens Preservation Council and the Four Boro Whatever and HDC and MAS will tell all of us where to crap and how to go.

So just sit down and wait to be called.... and called.... and called........

Anonymous said...

Suzy Troy

where are the others in the art community?

we need more of you!! one artist is not enough....

Anonymous said...

suzannah is great, if only there were more of her.

Miles Mullin said...

Why dont we send the anti landmarking nutcases from Queens (who are given press and egged on by our elected officials) to speak to these communities.

They never do - and ignore the challenge.

The landmarks law should be overturned. It is for rich people and the rest of us poor folks subsidize their communities.

Anonymous said...

suzannah is great, if only there were more of her.

Why isnt there?

Anonymous said...

And you can bank on Simeon for approving this!

Pray tell...what percentage of HDC's time and assets are allocated to the outer boroughs?