Friday, June 19, 2009

Monserrate leaves Joe Crowley speechless

From the NY Times:

...Mr. Sabini is the hidden story behind what is turning out to be one of the biggest blunders in modern New York political history. Though little known outside his own borough, Mr. Sabini, 52, has been involved in Queens Democratic politics since he was 16. He was elected to the City Council in 1992 and to the State Senate in 2002.

Last year, with his district changing, the Democratic leadership in Queens pushed Mr. Sabini out of office, voting to endorse a challenger in the primary, Hiram Monserrate. The election in November gave the Democrats a narrow majority in the State Senate for the first time in decades. In the magical land of even numbers — such as the State Senate, which has 62 seats — anyone can be king for a day. Even Hiram Monserrate, freshman senator.

Last week, Mr. Monserrate made Democrats all over the state — and especially those in Queens — curse the decision to anoint him last year. With Senator Pedro Espada Jr., he voted with the Republican caucus long enough to give Republicans control, and to appoint Mr. Espada as the new Senate president.

This week, Mr. Monserrate jumped back to the Democratic side of the aisle, but only after pausing long enough to do as much damage as humanly possible to his own county party. The price of his return was the election of a new leader for the Senate Democrats. As it happens, the leader that Mr. Monserrate single-handedly deposed, Malcolm A. Smith, is also a Democrat from Queens.

So how do Queens Democrats feel now about having pushed out Mr. Sabini in favor of Mr. Monserrate? The party’s county leader, Joseph Crowley, the congressman, did not want to discuss the question on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

joe crowleys wife and kids live in a suburb in virginia outside of washington because queens wasn't good enough for them. so why is this guy still representing us?

Anonymous said...

How dear you say he is speechless.

He is clearly saying, "Hiram, put down that drinking glass, that's nice put it down slowly, don't get upset."

Taxpayer said...

Vote like a slave to the party - any party - and this is the result.

Vote like your and your family's interests depended on the outcome, and the results will be much better.

Not perfect. Better.

The politicians, in the city, in Albany and in DC, are laughing at us for being such lazy morons and electing them.

And, we pay, pay, pay while they laugh at us. Can we afford these people?

Anonymous said...

Monserrate and Espada leave us in stitches--literally stitches.


Monserrate's Girlfriend and "Pappi, That's to Teach you Manners."

Anonymous said...

Rep Crowley - Democratic head of party in Queens County - single handedly annointed Monserarrate to run in place of Sabini.

Some Kingmaker Crowley is, huh!

Time to clean house Queens residents - get rid of Crowley and the criminals he endorses for our districts.

Anonymous said...

Shanty Irish carpetbaggers running the Queens machine...first it was shady Manton and now it's crooked Crowley.'d better wipe the shit off your shoes!

It's like going back to mid 19th century politics...Boss Tweed's era.

Did we really ever leave it in this backward borough of ours?

Not with our dumb electorate.

Keep on sucking up to the party bosses.

They'll "reward" you by flushing your neighborhood down the toilet!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the old time bosses would not have tolerated this new crew. Grafting was always okay, but fights were red-blooded affairs involving men, not women and ancients.

Furthermore, fists, not cars, drinking glasses or mobs of crazed supporters was the weapon of choice.

Anonymous said...

Manton never would have done that to Sabini.

Disgusted Democrat said...

The Crooner Joe Crowley isn't speechless, he's brainless. He took Sabini out of the race against Monserrate because Sabini got caught drunk driving. Then he puts Sabini, who is a gambler, (and a drunk), as CHAIRMAN of the NY State Racing & Wagering Board, making a higher salary! Pays to Drink. The Crooner should be out. Backing drunks, Trashing the Catholic Church, Living in Virginia, and doing nothing for the people is just a few reasons He should be singing his Swan Song.

Anonymous said...

Crowley has served long enough and managed to destroy the borough he grew up in. He doesn't care about Queens because he resides in Virginia. It's time for him to go. He should have been gone a long time ago. Crooked, corrupt and the IQ of a pencil, just like his cousin. Time to flush the toilet on all of them and start from scratch.

Snake Plissskin said...

That is "Honest Joe" Crowley you knucklehdeads.

Show some respek.

Danny Boy said...

Ah be Jesus, Joe you're a disgrace to all the Irish Catholics. Your
selected people are in the bag and your cousin elizabeth is blowing the pipes.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Virginia? He resides in VIRGINIA??? WTF!!Call the Feds!

Anonymous said...

Joe Crowley, like his cousin dizzy & dirty Lizzy, is inarticulate, uncreative, and has no leadership ability whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

A long line of political operatives milking Queens:Walter; bless his lawyer soul, honest, slow Joe and now adorable,breezy Liz.

Don't fear these incumbents - run against them - start new parties - roast these folks at civics meetings - civics unions should not endorse anyone rather keep all of these folks earning their keep 100%.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hiram? When is the trial? i know you can't wait to vindicate yourself....What was it that Warner Wolf used to say.