Thursday, June 11, 2009

Money still flowing to slush fund recipients

From the NY Post:

A city councilwoman made an end run around the budget process -- using tax money to pay the head of a nonprofit after the city deemed his group unfit to receive public funds, The Post has learned.

Maria Baez (D-Bronx) allocated $5,000 from her discretionary office account to Leo Martinez for his work with immigrants in her district.

The city had twice refused to allow Baez to fund Martinez's now-defunct Alliance for Community Services through a separate account for nonprofits, spending records show.

City contracts officials had earlier cut the group's funding, citing its troubled history, amid a federal and city probe into the council's long-standing practice of setting aside tax money for phantom community groups and later doling it out to members to hand out to organizations they favor.


Anonymous said...

She single-handedly destroys all integrity in the Council with this crap, her attendance rate, her daughter's no show job, cronyism, and her arrogance. Life for the world would be better if she wasn't re-elected.

Anonymous said...

She's a damn fool!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Play list of youtubes on City Council scandalous?

She is awful but so are the many city council members that voted themselves a raise. Who in the USA gets to vote themselves a raise.

They denied us a referendum and voted for us which was also a conflict of interest but there are so many at city hall.

If it wasn't for The New York Post we would not know any of this.

thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

ps Tony Avella is the only city council member that has a perfect attendance record, that voted against them giving themselves a raise and also voted against extending term limits.

Tony Avella for mayor.

thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy
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I ask is City Council going to unvote themselves a raise?

Anonymous said...

Is somebody hittin' that? aaaarrrrgh!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Here is the link for news related to Ms. Scandalous?
and when it comes to City Council and "scandalous?" behavior, she is not alone....

why no handicuffs for Ms. Quinn's slushgate?

If any of you need a refresher, here is a comedian from Queens that is famous for his youtube rants...

You won't agree with his politics but on this issue he let's Christine Quinn have it and the mayor as well because uh, gee, he is in charge...
of course Bob's rant doesn't name specific names but Maria del Carmen Arroyo's newest little "nasty" is proof it is still going on and City Counci is above the law, The New York Daily News and The New York Post continue to expose shady dealings and nothing ever changes but if it was you or me we would be in jail.

Doesn't it make you even sicker that City Council denied us a referendum?

How much did tax payers have to pay for Christine Quinn's top defense attorney that specializes in white collar crime and the defense attorney's for her the half way point The New York Post had reported something close to a 1/4 of a million but the people of New York have never been informed of the final legal bill in total we will be paying for the defense attorney's for Quinn and staff so Maria and people like her are costing New Yorkers even more....

Bob screaming on this particular topic is so right on.