Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jamaica's character a "double-edged sword"

From the NY Times:

In the recession, Jamaica Avenue’s reputation as a discount emporium is both a blessing and a curse, community leaders say. On one hand, as Brigit Pinnell, executive director of the Jamaica Center Business Improvement District, puts it, “Most consumers now are looking for value, and that’s a competitive edge Jamaica Avenue has — it has always been known for values.”

On the other hand, sales are down for many merchants, and nearby residents — including many middle-class homeowners — fear the downturn will scare off the higher-quality and national retailers they have wanted to lure back since department stores fled in the 1970s. Several hotel and retail projects near the AirTrain terminal on Sutphin Boulevard — part of a major redevelopment initiative to make the area a hub for airport travelers — are delayed by financing problems.


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