Thursday, June 4, 2009

Money can't buy self respect

To the editor (Queens Tribune):

I received in the mail, as I am sure many of your readers did, a self-serving Bloomberg brochure in which he claims he knows "helping small businesses is key to helping the middle class stay and thrive in New York City." This will come as a surprise to the hundreds of small businesses and their thousand employees in Willets Point that Bloomberg and his fat cat real estate friends have consigned to the unemployed trash heap.

If Mayor Bloomberg thought he should be entitled to a third term notwithstanding two public referendums supporting term limits, he was free to seek a third referendum. Fearful a term limits would again be approved, he orchestrated a cabal with 21 term-limited council members to enact legislation permitting them to seek a third term.

Such indifference to the will of the public; his push-polling in the case of Representative Anthony Weiner, his exclusion of Garry Esposito, the manager of Brooklyn Community Board 1, from a public meeting because he claimed Mr. Esposito would be a threat to order without Esposito having uttered a word, and his outrageous spending of vast sums of money to buy a third term indicates the Times editorial was correct in suggested Bloomberg's maneuvers "lend a thuggish cast to Mr. Bloomberg's Park Avenue style campaign."

Michael Bloomberg may, with his enormous personal wealth, be able to buy a third term, but he does not have enough money to buy self-respect and the electorate should keep this in mind before giving him a third term.

Benjamin M. Haber


Anonymous said...

Money can buy "self respect" in the home of the corporate media dominance where independent papers,radio, and TV get no chance or plainly pushed out of business.
Love those many independent radio stations NYC has. What is there? Two or three of them?
No mister full of it will get what he wants just like Murdoch,Bush, and Clinton or any of the power Wall St elite who are doing their best to wreck everything in their path including the dollar value, just to make some empires that wont last for their property collection.

Alan said...

Well said, Ben.

Suzannah B. Troy said...

Yes, I agree and I did an on going series on youtube about small businesses...
Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen
Love Saves the Day

and the list goes on, city wide, under Bloomberg, one day a building is here, next day gone, see my blog, same with stores, same with people. I don't live in my home of 20 years anymore...and the mayor allowing the shady air sale by the USPS who oops felt they did not have to notify the State of New York as they were legally obligated so the State would examine if this was in the best interest of the community and the USPS sold it to NYU to tear down St. Ann's from 1847 that survived everything but NYU's need and greed to build yet another mega dorm...
I had to sell my place under duress but enduring the corruption, the tear down, the construction and my now ex-building becoming a landlord to yet another bank so the building resembles a dorm even more underscores Bloomberg's push out, displacement and destruction and proof it was all about greed, a greedy tsunami of community crushing development kind of like the greedy tsunami of Wall Street collapse that hurt a lot of innocent people.

Suzannah B. Troy

Suzannah B. Troy said...

These are two on Ramon and his Cuban diner in Harlem fighting Columbia U. eminent domain abuse...can you imagine an entire neighborhood evicted....

Really sad to day, really sad and angry.

Anonymous said...

Attempting to appear as a kindly the wolf feebly disguised in grandma's garb in that timeless "Little Red Riding Hood" fairy tale...Bloomberg puts on his second face of sympathy for and empathy with NYC's middle class and small business owners.

But you can see right through the machinations of his slick PR crap
with little difficulty!


Each vote lodged against this tyrannical thug is like a silver
bullet to a werewolf!

KILL HIS 3rd TERM and see that he never returns!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't need to buy self respect...only his 3rd term!

And from what we've heard...Bloomberg's already got a receipt for that purchase.



Anonymous said...

Lets hear from our future, the people that our taxes are supporting, you know, the Tower People, the bike nuts, the greens (no, I dont mean Rev Billy supporters - lets get serious and stop wasting people's time), the kyackers.

OK Eric, lets hear your shout on this.

Anonymous said...

mr haber make sure your at the 6/22 eminent domain hearing to voice your opinion we need you all

Anonymous said...

Suzannah, I am sorry you were forced to sell with a gun to your head. I was nearly driven to the street when my landlord collapsed the ceiling on me.

My neighbor's down the street have had their property rights usurped and their homes destroyed in construction "accidents" and open violations by builders.

I am taking a basic website design course and my demonstration for certification will address this issue. I hope to at least educate the people in my design class as to what is going on.

One voice at a time, godspeed. If people tore down the Berlin wall, we can tear down Bloomberg and friends before they bury us all.

Anonymous said...

vote him the hell out and save willets point who the hell does he think he is what a joke

Anonymous said...

Now lets hear from the tea baggers!
This is a plutocracy my friends. This didnt start yesterday either.

Anonymous said...


Send Bloomberg a twist tied condom full of snot!

Anonymous said...

Send Bloomberg a twist tied condom full of snot!

What a waste of a condom...and snot!