Sunday, June 21, 2009

Illegal conversions a problem in Great Neck

From Newsday:

Dozens of Great Neck residents, frustrated and frightened by conditions that they say stem from illegal housing in their neighborhood, are asking for help from village officials and Nassau police.

Village Mayor Ralph Kreitzman and Capt. Sean McCarthy of Nassau's Sixth Precinct told more than 50 Steamboat Road residents at a meeting last week that they're aware of issues such as drug use and illegal housing in the area, but added it will take time for the problems to be addressed.

One resident, Dee Campbell, spoke of a three-block area between George Street and Potters Lane where she said dozens of men usually stand in groups in front of a deli during the day and disrupt the community by drinking alcohol and urinating in public, selling and using drugs, and harassing girls and women.

"I'm concerned mainly for the safety of the kids," said Campbell, who has four school-aged children. "They're afraid and I'm afraid."

Campbell's son, Sean, 11, told the mayor that the loitering men keep him from walking alone to the deli.

Many residents pointed to housing in the neighborhood as the source of the trouble. One house, they said, is occupied by more than 20 people who fill the structure, from the basement to the attic.


italian girl said...

It looks like they may be needing their own blog pretty soon.

Nassau Crap?

Anonymous said...

How about Parsons boulevard to
162nd street on Northern boulevard?

At least 300 "day laborers" (euphemism for illegal immigrant).

Anonymous said...

Great Neck - are you sure it's not Elmhurst, Middle Village & Maspeth?

Anonymous said...

Hey Great Neck - welcome to Queens, NY. Read and understand what Queens have been going thru all these years. Yep, illegal conversions is a start, then overdevelopment, then community facilities, then... (you get the pic) ugh!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I guess developers have run out of properties in Queens. Go east you scum!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Great Neck have the largest concentration of Iranian Jews in the country?

That could account for all the bad taste in building displayed there.

Anonymous said...

I've counted at least
40 day laborers (on average) hanging out
between 159th St. & 162nd St.
along Northern Blv'd.

They're Mexs mostly...
looking for work and some "chocha"...whilst smacking their lips with audible gusto.

-Joe said...

Kreitzman is fulla sh*t
He pushed for that sec 8 area to get federal money.
Some of the sidewalks in that area look like a missle test sight.

I must say at times it’s pretty funny, the Iranian men really kick the crap out of them Mextizo's. Some of these guys are huge and fight like Israeli commandos
I have to give them credit, they have balls.
---Don’t hoot or call their woman "boota" !!

Their woman (always in heels, skirts and Cleopatra makeup) usually go at it with the Manhasset Prisses over parking spaces outside the nail salon. Its Great entertainment watching the rude bigmouth Manhasset Soccermoms get there ass kicked

A first visit to Great Neck Plaza is like watching Mel Brooks Spaceballs for the first time