Sunday, June 21, 2009

Council is still doling out the pork

From the Daily News:

Despite the city's worst budget crisis in 34 years, City Council members are larding themselves with $48.7 million in pork-barrel spending for the next 12 months.

The Council's discretionary funding has been the stuff of scandal and ongoing criminal investigations for more than a year.

The new discretionary spending allocations will be approved today as part of the city's $59.4 billion overall budget.

It will raise the city's sales tax rate by 0.5%, costing shoppers an extra $518 million a year.

The budget also calls for laying off some 2,000 city workers to help cope with a $5 billion slide in city revenues caused by the Wall Street tumble and recession.

Nevertheless, there's been no reduction in the pork-barrel allocation for the Council.

In a public disclosure on Thursday fraught with missteps, Council aides said the new pork pie is to be spent as follows:

- $17.7 million dispensed by the individual 51 Council members, with some members getting to dole out bigger slices because they chair major committees or hold leadership posts;
- $17.9 million dispensed through Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan);
- $7.7 million equally divided among the 51 members to give to youth-service groups;
- Another $5.5 million to be disbursed by the members to senior citizen groups.

They're even giving it to groups that were banned!


Frank Lloyd Crap said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Christine Quinn for the money she earmarked for the charity I founded, the Embattled Builders Fund. Afterall, developers who make bad business decisions shouldn't have to lose money.

Oink Oink, Chris!

Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to swine flu, eh?

Anonymous said...

I love that they're giving $5k to some edp nig in crown heights. Who votes for these assholea?