Sunday, June 14, 2009

Driver hits neglected 2-year old

From the Daily News:

A 2-year-old Queens girl who neighbors say wanders the streets alone was struck and seriously injured by an apparent hit-and-run driver, police said.

Jaylein Peralta was struck Friday night after she sneaked out of her 85th St. house in Ozone Park while her oblivious adult relatives were eating dinner. The girl - who slipped out with an 18-month-old boy - walked about a half block to Rockaway Blvd.

Neighbors said it wasn't the first time that Jaylein wandered the streets unsupervised.

"I'm surprised she didn't get hit sooner," said Ravi Persaud, 40, who lives nearby. "I've almost hit her myself a few times."

Luz Laureano said she saw Jaylein - hungry, shoeless and wearing a Dora the Explorer night shirt - wandering around the neighborhood last month.

"I don't know how they let this happen again," said Laureano, 40. "They need to keep a better eye on that girl."


Anonymous said...

Look, I feel real bad about any kid that is hit by a car, but this seems an issue of neglect.

They were on TV yesterday. No one in the family seems to have used a comb for a while.

Anonymous said...

were the parents arrested for neglect and endangering a minor?

I suppose you'll tell me it's a cultural thing and I am being insensitive to the wonderful diversity of the jack pot babies left to wander.
I can imagine the parents saying to the child -
"we had you to get the WIC/food stamps/welfare, now get out!"

someone ought to check if they got a life insurance policy on the kid!

italian girl said...

The one thing I've never understood is why do people have kids if they don't want them?

Anonymous said...

now there will be a campaign to get them combs. an entire make over.

they will be rewarded for child abuse/neglect

Anonymous said...

Why do people have kids they don't want?

Welfare payments.
Anchor babies.
To get revenge on someone.
Don't want to use birth control.

The list goes on.

italian girl said...

"Welfare payments."

What people don't realize is that welfare isn't nearly enough money to cover what a kid really needs.

"Anchor babies."

That's definitely valid and would explain all the kids some folks are having.

"To get revenge on someone."

Some revenge. Especially when the woman is on her own with no help and the kid ruins her social life.

"Don't want to use birth control."

In the age of STD's?? I hope the unwanted pregnancy that results was worth it.

Lots of the students I've taught I believe were unwanted pregnancies. It was so obvious the moms couldn't stand their kids. I was told the kid is only as good as his/her father. If the mom likes the dad, she likes the kid. If not, too bad for the kid. And I'll bet our prisons are loaded with the latter.

Anonymous said...

In certain cultures, your worth is related to how many children you have and how early. Many times I have been asked by shocked co-workers why I don't have 3 or 4 kids at the age of 23.

Anonymous said...

Why is no one concentrating on scum of the earth who left a child to die in the gutter?

I don't excuse the parents, but growing up my own parents had a few close calls. Children can move very fast and one moment's inattention can be deadly.

A large number of children close in age can be brutal since we don't live on farms anymore and many religions such as Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Jewery specifically encourage larger families.

It takes a special kind of depravity to drive away from an injured child. Thank God the baby survived since this was not even worth a call to 911 and the driver probably would not have been blamed for hitting a child who had no business in traffic in the first place.

Anonymous said...

What people don't realize is that welfare isn't nearly enough money to cover what a kid really needs.
Agreed IG, but it is more than enough for these lowlife parents to give what little they decide the kid needs, with some left over for cigarettes and booze.

Anonymous said...

In certain cultures, your worth is related to how many children you have and how early. Many times I have been asked by shocked co-workers why I don't have 3 or 4 kids at the age of 23.
I hope their attitude doesn't bother you. If it does, then try to remember that you didn't go their country to be a part of their culture. They left their culture with its backward thinking to come here and be part of a more open-minded culture. They are the ones who might want to re-think how they look at people with different customs from their own.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to me that the parents had this child so they could get services. Someone needs to put a stop to that. They should decrease the amount of money for each additional child. That would make them use the free birth control that the city would give them. So many people who want kids can't have them, yet these low-lifes have dozens of them. Then, they expect the taxpayers to raise them, i.e. food stamps, wic, welfare, after-school programs. Meanwhile, taxpayers only have one or two children because they can't afford to have more.

Anonymous said...

it's amazing that the neighbors said this isn't the first time and i really like the one that stated about a month ago the child was walking around hungry and wearing a dora shirt. well my question to them is, did any of you think of calling child services on the parents? what only when a child is hit everyone seems to care. please lock the parents up and they all should be ashamed of themselves in ozone park.

Anonymous said...

Do you really know that these people are on welfare? Maybe the parents were dead from working three jobs apiece.

I came from a 4 child family. My father worked three jobs to support us. My mom was there for us, so no neglect, but this was also when the cost of living was cheaper too.

The dropping wages we are seeing lately will really eat into the quality of child care.

Again, I am not condoning abuse. I just think that we should not jump to conclusions based on nothing more than someone's ethnicity.

In the meantime, what about the ### driver?

Ajlouny said...

The only think the parents are at fault here is not watching their kid close enough. The driver of the car should have been watching their surroundings a little better.

Anonymous said...

You now find this on any street in Queens especially Corona JH area.
These Central American single moms of 8 let there kids grow up on wild the streets wile they hook and run drugs
No guidance, no responsibility, no discipline.
I cant imagine how they could be taught in the citys classrooms---to wild.
They wont be able to get jobs.

It going to be misery in 15 years when these kids grow into cave people "cave people" who gang bang & rob.
Ever see "Escape from New York" ?

During my last trip to King of Corona these kids around 7 years old asked if I wanted to see a rat they had in a box for dollar.

Anonymous said...

In many of the countries from which our immigrant community hails, tiny children roam around unaccompanied, carrying smaller children on their backs. if you're going to live here, please watch out for your kids and don't let them wander around on their own. This was a tragedy waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

When did these primordial pests who never get their names published in the media become Immigrants?

Anonymous said...

You know, when I was a kid 40 years ago, children sometimes slipped away from distracted parents. The difference was the neighbors.

If a child of 7 offered to show me a rat in a box, I would take a look to make sure that the "rat" was a gerbil, hamster or something harmless. If it was not, I would immediately kill it. Then I would ask the child to take me straight to mommy or daddy.

Snake Plissskin said...

Ever see "Escape from New York" ?

Yea, I live it. More and more each day...

Anonymous said...

i am close to this family and i kno the babies mother, one fact is that this child isnt being used for no type of services cus this baby girl has a family which includes her parents like mother and father and about people not combing there is becus who is thInking about there hair when there family member is hurt honestly i wouldnt care how my HAIR LOOKS LIKE at moment like that