Sunday, June 7, 2009

City contractor stole workers' wages

From the NY Times:

Adding in hundreds of millions of dollars in work on the city’s subways, schools and hospitals, not to mention a downtown firehouse, provides a sense of the reach of M.A. Angeliades Inc., a construction contractor that has quietly thrived doing large public works projects in the New York City area over about 20 years.

But the company’s run as a low-profile public works giant was in jeopardy on Wednesday as Manhattan prosecutors announced an indictment charging that the owner and two top officials stole $600,000 in unpaid wages and benefits from their workers.

The indictment, which also charges the company and three union officials, accuses M. A. Angeliades of failing to pay prevailing wages and benefits to employees who were working on rehabilitating 11 subway stations from January 2005 through December 2007, officials said.


Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't they? It's the flavor of the day.

The city thinks nothing of grabbing private land for a pittance.

The builders think nothing of destroying your property if it is close to what they are building and they don't want to pay to get you out.

The employers are replacing American union workers with pliable illegals that they can terrorize, cheat, slaughter, or return to their hell-hole of a country at a moment's whim.

I guess their envelopes arrived late.

Anonymous said...

This town needs a dunking pond and pillory re-installed near bowling Green to punish crooks and amuse the public.

Maybe a set in every borough.

The gibbet and gallows are reserved
for serious crimes.

I love that good ol' 17th century colonial justice system!