Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brian sang an entire opera for the Feds

From the NY Post:

Crooked ex-pol Brian McLaughlin rolled over so far that he told the feds even more than they suspected about his crime spree.

The former Democratic assemblyman from Queens spilled his guts for "hundreds" of hours during debriefings that began in early 2007 and continue "to date," according to a May 19 letter from his lawyer, Michael Armstrong.

In another letter, prosecutor Daniel Braun wrote that the ex-labor leader's extensive cooperation assisted "ongoing criminal investigations focusing on significant allegations of corruption at all levels of government," as well as in unions and the construction industry.

Manhattan federal Judge Richard Sullivan allowed prosecutors to white out several sections to protect the identities of suspects who haven't yet been charged.

The shit might be about to hit the fan. Let's keep our fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Bravo Brian!

"La donna mobile" finish the aria!

Hit that piercing high "C" which will put the Staviskys in an adjacent cell!

You can play pinochle with Evan through the bars and break his knuckles if he tries to cheat.

Now Toby...she's so large she'll need an entire cell block for herself in order to accommodate
that gross frame of hers.

For all this I'd be willing to see your sentence cut by 6 years.

Anonymous said...

If he can survive 6 years...

Construction industry, alot of various organized crime will try to get him.

Brian is going to find out why they call prison the SLAMMER!

Taxpayer said...

Keep your eyes on the politicians who book vacations in countries with no extradition treaty with the US.

Did you ever enter a dark room, turn on the light and watch the cockroaches run for the dark?

If you've ever missed that thrill, you'll be seeing it real soon!

Anonymous said...

Between the construction industry, the unions & politics, there must be SO much corruption about which Brian can sing that it will be a whole new life's career for him. He'll be singing so much, he should join the NY Choral Society.

dumb da dumb dumb said...

Elizabeth honey, I'm sorry but I had to make the best deal.

Anonymous said...

Hello all you shaking and quaking dirty dealing politicos who thought you were untouchable. It only takes one squealer to open up the whole sordid affair. Please listen for the knock on the door. Meanwhile check for bugs, because quite a few of you already are under investigation. Somebody CALLED the Feds!And they picked up!!!! Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

There's a run on toilet paper.............

Anonymous said...

If you are the spouse of one of these SOBs, cash out now. File for divorce! Lawyers will drain all your accounts of the ill-gotten gains. ("Mommy, why is daddy in handcuffs?")

Mrs. Liu said...

Good Point!