Monday, April 13, 2009

EDC has no problem with corrupt contractors

From the NY Times:

Millions of dollars worth of work associated with the new baseball stadiums for the Yankees and Mets was performed by companies that New York City avoids doing business with because of prior allegations of corruption and ties to organized crime.

The roughly $17 million demolition of Shea Stadium, which cleared the way for the new Citi Field in Queens, was largely done by Breeze National Inc., whose vice president, Toby Romano, was convicted on federal bribery charges in 1988 and whom law enforcement officials have identified as having ties to organized crime.

Much of the electrical work at the new Yankee Stadium was done by Petrocelli Electric, a company that since June 2006 has been on a list of contractors that New York City cautions its agencies against using.

In a third instance, the millions of dollars in excavation and cast-in-place concrete work at the new Yankee ballpark was performed by Interstate Industrial, a company that has been barred from doing city work since 2004.

Two of the three contractors, Petrocelli and Interstate, were not paid with city funds. But both the ballpark projects were overseen by the New York City Economic Development Corporation and together received roughly $2 billion in public subsidies.


Anonymous said...

the maffioso edc works hand n hand with the real maffioso hey seth pinky you have a cigar? lol lmao call biggie smalls and lets have a sit down fah

Taxpayer said...

Just how would the best paid municipal employees get along with honest contractors?

Honest people don't pay kickbacks or bribes. Honest people don't use inferior quality products or workers on their projects.

Honest people don't hire illegal aliens to escape paying capable workers the proper wages.

When a project fails because of shoddy work by shoddy workers using shoddy tools and components, look to the top management.

Get rid of that management to start getting rid of the inferior contractors, workers and products.

November 3 is your day to rule.

Anonymous said...


We heard that years back Councilwoman Julia Harrison's office checked out the NYC "vendex" (?) files and found out that the contractors on the #7 Main St. subway station redux... "L'Aquilla Corp."(?) had "problems" with the city but was told that it was "OK"
for them to be on that job.

Between organized crime and the real estate industry thugs NYC is in a pincer death grip...
while us taxpayers pay "protection money" to keep them in business.

In return for which, we get kicked in the ass, our neighborhoods ravaged and our quality of life destroyed.

Meanwhile the contractors return to the good life in Old Brookville and hizzoner back to his east side mansion.

Thank you Mayor Mike!

Voters...make sure that this mob boss doesn't see a third term!

Anonymous said...

Went by Citifield last night on Grand Central.

Its little more than a large advertising billboard for the bank. At least three large lit Citibank signs are visible from the road (and I understand that there are more) completely dominating the stadium.


Anonymous said...

Yea, it looks like a wholly owned subsidiary of the bank.

Anonymous said...

Another misleading headline by Crapper. Neither the City nor EDC hired these contractors. They were hired by a private party, the Mets.

Anonymous said...

And the City has oversight when public money is involved.

The development agency says it does not have the staff to conduct background checks on all the companies working on a particular project, and with undertakings like the stadiums — private projects that are bolstered by a huge infusion of city, state and federal public benefits — the city has never sought to review the selection of the contractors.

Anonymous said...

And the Mets are funding a huge amount of their own money, in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

neversleep said...

Nope. The Mets didn't hire the subcontractors, either.

That's why you have a general contractor.

The city (and Helen Marshall) tried to skew the process with minority/women owned business events- contract fairs.

Most couldn't meet the financial/paperwork requirements.

Anonymous said...

And the Mets are funding a huge amount of their own money, in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Evan is up early! It really makes sense to build a facility that seats 12,000 less fans in favor of corporate interests. Shea, with a much less expensive facelift rather than replacement, would have been my choice.

w.p. said...

edc is corrupt if any has ever delt with them they'll know take a look at willets point .

corrupt at its best

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Another misleading headline by Crapper. Neither the City nor EDC hired these contractors. They were hired by a private party, the Mets.

Monday, April 13, 2009

AND OK BY THE CITY .THERE STILL CORRUPT the city lets them work now we know the city works with corrupt people

Anonymous said...

hey biggie what are you a met nut now too? why can't you admit the truth

Anonymous said...

Sory to sound racist, but at this point, the city ought to use a fine-tooth comb when choosing contractors with Italian names. It seems every times there is a mob-run contractor, its name ends ith a vowel.

Anonymous said...

The Italian mafia works with non-Italians too who kick back to the mob. The only difference is that to be a "made man" in La Cosa Nostra, you have to be pure Italian.

In fact, the American version of the "Italian" mafia included such "Italian" luminaries as Bugsy Siegal and Meyer Lansky as key members. Undoubtably, the most Eastern part of Italy.

Furthermore, there are numerous other "mafias" including Red Mafyia (Russian), Tongs (old Chinese gangs), Triads (newer Asian gangs)and many others. The operating word is organized crime, not Italian.

And by the way, I'm not Italian, only a history buff, so I have no ax to grind.

Anonymous said...

Brian Mc Laughlin will continue to clear things up regarding Petrocelli as he continues his solo for the FBI!

Coming soon to a theater near you
"The Wellsbach Electric Caper"!

Many a Stavisky sequel soon will follow.


Don't ya luv it...this is better than a prime time soap opera!