Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opening Day sign protest at Willets Point

Courtesy of Willets Point United. Great cartoonist, by the way! Mine still wins the prize, though...

And from NY1:

"The NYPD has said the stepped-up inspections are part of a strategy to cut down on auto thefts."

Wow, who knew that unannounced building inspections by the police could do that!


Anonymous said...

that's mayor jewburg at his finest what a joke send the pigs to give tickets . these guys got more news then the mets did great job for the people of willets point keep it up

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The NYPD has said the stepped-up inspections are part of a strategy to cut down on auto thefts."

WOW only in the last week what about the last 30 years .what a joke EDC is drop dead pinky boy

Anonymous said...

I think the businesses should sponsor a tailgate party or block party pre-game and then sign up people to write protest letters as part of the price of having their dogs and drinks.

Taxpayer said...

The most disgraceful part of this is that the same police, whose ranks are being decimated by the Commissar, now put on their guns and jackboots in an effort to intimidate these business owners who have the impudence to want to save the businesses they built to feed not only their own families, but also the families of the union employees working there.

Notice that Commissar Brownshirted Jackboots has others do his dirty work while he hides, sipping wine with his wealthy crony thieves who are all laughing at the cowardice of Kelly and his gunslingers.

Use November 3 to dump these creepy property thieves!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of roasting a pig for a tailgate party...
if it were Kosher I'd suggest serving Shulman dogs for Passover!

Anonymous said...

Evan would make a tasty weenie too!

(though we hear his is more like a "tater tot")!

No grandchildren yet Toby?

H-m-m-m....maybe your son will make a fine gay divorcee!

Anonymous said...

How can "wifey" find Evan's cocktail frank beneath all that flesh?

Anonymous said...

These images are vile and disgusting and have no place on a community website. They should be taken down immediately.

Anonymous said...

Very few children will be reading complex discussions of up zoning and eminent domain.

In the meantime, I suggest more obscene is the wholesale destruction of the bill of right over the last 10 years or so.

I have had corrupt businessmen enlist the police in an attempt to put me and three other tenants in a mental institution because we had the temerity to attempt to hold onto our homes of decades.

One of my neighbors was forced out of his own apartment and cited for "disorderly group," when he confronted a lazy Verizon Tech who illegally severed the telephone lines of three tenants on a lying landlord's unsupported word that the apartments were under renovation.

This landlord is affiliated with the same corrupt Jackson Heights politician who sold the Iron Triangle out from under them.

Solidarity forever. I hope that Iron Triangle holds out until Bloomberg and Company are rotting in their graves.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for these chop shops to be bull dozed. When they do it, I hope they can find some of my cars that were stolen. Their an eyesore and useless.
Goodbye .

Anonymous said...

Amen anonymous Amen.

The F18s flyover should have dropped a bomb on the place

Ironic that the WP cronies are lying in bed with the same person who screwed them over 4 months ago.. Where are the workers with their Monster Rat signs ??

I guess he isn't an indicted felon woman beater when they need his help

And they bring their kids out too.. Wonder if they tell the kids who Hieam really is??

Pitiful and shameful

Anonymous said...

You don't have to go down to the Iron Triangle to find your car. Start in Astoria.

I personally witnessed cop after cop ignore obviously stolen cars and once helped re-unite an owner with his stolen car after tiring of seeing cops slap ticket after ticket while ignoring every obvious sign that the car was stolen.

Please don't think I am Encyclopedia Brown, the registration was in plain sight and it was a company vehicle with the name of the business stenciled on.

Unless you run over the police commissioner with your stolen car, the police don't care. These raids are about another agenda.

Anonymous said...

hey biggie you wrote the same crap on the ittracker are you evan with the little weenie? lol get a life your wasting our tax dollars ....go willets point boys & girls this whole plan is dying

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
that's mayor jewburg at his finest what a joke send the pigs to give tickets . these guys got more news then the mets did great job for the people of willets point keep it up

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gee. What a convincing argument for your point of view!!!!

Try it without the Anti-Semitic comments the next time. Your words would have more impact.

Anonymous said...

If you find these images "vile and disgusting" you might try logging off and while you're at it F--K OFF TOO!

There...now you've been most properly offended!

Anonymous said...

What's vile & offensive is the $400,000 that Shulman has already received for her directorship in our struggling economy!

Anonymous said...

The use of an amusing allegorical image of a flying insect which does not depict actual penetration can in no way be deemed explicit in content!

I guess the stark truth hurts you Willets Point land thieves.

It's surely hurting the taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

It's Mayor Bloomberg who should be taken down immediately!

Your chance will come this November!

Never forget who f----d you taxpayers....it was "hizzoner"!

Now what would be a finer sight than seeing a swarm of angry voters up Mike's ass?

Throw Bum-turd out!