Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Council shows who they're most loyal to

From Crain's:

The New York Building Congress says the mayor’s proposed 30% cut to the city’s capital-spending budget will cost 10,000 construction jobs, and is pressuring Bloomberg administration officials to back off their planned reduction.

The Building Congress, which represents companies in the construction industry, is typically an administration ally in support of development. The two sides, however, exchanged competing views of the capital cuts at a Building Congress forum Tuesday morning at the Hilton Hotel.

Some 42 City Council members joined the trade organization’s camp last week, signing on to a letter to the mayor by Councilman Lew Fidler, D-Brooklyn, charging the cut would deal a severe blow to the city’s economy.

Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber said he had yet to see the council members’ letter. But he said the city is faced with rising health care and pension costs that are beyond its control and cuts therefore need to be made in other areas.


Anonymous said...

I am a union memeber and proud of it but I am not proud of how much non union work is being done by not only unskilled workers but illeagal alliens to boot!!! thanks mayor mike bloomberg. you nare a blooming idiot and you will not be re-elected!!! bye bye bloomy.

Taxpayer said...

Where can we get the names of the 42 council traitors who signed the letter?

The Building Congress represents the construction companies, not the union construction workers.

This group routinely employs illegal aliens. These illegals work far longer for far, far less than the competent union workers.

As Commissar Death and Taxes' name says, the illegals' lack of skill and safety measures, kills them off in large numbers of construction "accidents". But, this is of no concern to the Commissar. There are plenty more illegals to replace the dead ones.

Let's get the names of those 42 council members who demonstrated their treachery to union employees.

Anonymous said...

Time to make some campaign donations to help the mayor (and ad space for our friends in the newspapers) so that he focuses on the 'important' things be re-established.

Anonymous said...

Municipal unions are killing this city and state.

Anonymous said...

And a severe blow to Lew Fidler's campaign contributions from the building industry too, no doubt!

What a slimy little crook!

Anonymous said...

Crappy - a favor please. Do not post pictures of Louis Fidler. I usually read the blog while trying to eat lunch. Thanks.