Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to the tweeders' club, Liz!

From City Hall:

Along the way, she was criticized as inexperienced, dogged by campaign finance violations and labeled a cog in the Queens Democratic machine, which is run by her cousin, Rep. Joseph Crowley.

But in November, buoyed by the turnout from the presidential election and the State Senate race between Serphin Maltese and Joseph Addabbo in the overlapping district, she picked up the seat that had been in Republican hands for two decades.

“You got what you asked for,” said one lobbyist, holding out a card to her as she strode into the Council’s second-floor committee room filled with family, friends, lobbyists and well-wishers.

“Third time’s the charm,” Crowley retorted, pocketing it.

Queens Council members David Weprin and Eric Gioia both said they were ecstatic that their borough’s conference was now one Democrat larger.

“We’re a new generation of politicians,” Gioia said to his new colleague.

Is it me or does City Hall sound like one big vomitorium?


Anonymous said...

"Is it me or does City Hall sound like one big vomitorium?"

Answer: it's you. You supported the witch.

Anonymous said...

Not he vomitorium comment has less to do with Liz and more to do with the fact that there are lobbyists waiting for the councilmembers as they walk into their offices in the morning and that Gioia actually thinks he is a new breed of politician when he is no different than any of the other scum suckers that preceded him.

Anonymous said...

Why does the press continue to leave out Liz Crowley's well-known, federally-confirmed affair with Brian McLaughlin? Isn't that relevant to her character and morality? We have enough garbage in Queens. Why are we electing more?

Anonymous said...

For the same reason MosterRat can cut up his girlfriend and Creepy Quin's slush fund vanished and Carolyn the Clueless is a serous canditate.

They own the press.

Just like the USSR.

Anonymous said...

ring ring

Brian: Hello?

Caller: May i speak w/ liz please?

Brian: No, she can't apeak now, my d*&k's in her mouth!