Friday, January 16, 2009

Willets Point Headscratcher series, part 5

From the NYC EDC:

In 2004, based on the work of the Downtown Flushing Task Force, the City created the Willets Point Advisory Committee (WPAC), chaired by Borough President Helen Marshall, to help advise the City's planning efforts for redevelopment in Willets Point. This collaborative planning process established goals and guidelines to create a vibrant, mixed-use community at Willets Point.

Stan Allen, architect
Architectural Scenerios for Willets Point, 2006
At the request of local city agencies, SAA was asked to examine the urbanistic and architectural implication of the construction of major new sports facilities at Willets Point in Queens, New York. Our solution includes a continuous park surface to be constructed over the MTA yards, connecting the sports precinct with the existing Flushing Meadows park.

So if Grandma Shulman and company were tasked with planning for a
"vibrant, mixed-use community" back in 2004, why was the City asking for architectural renderings of Wilpon's soccer stadium on that land in 2006?


Trilby said...

Wow! Where can I get some of that patchwork grass? Styling!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Could this be what the City actually intends to put at WP? The rumors have been flying for years.

Bryan said...

Is it just me or do the fence posts or whatever in the first picture remind anyone of a prison yard?

Queens Crapper said...

Good one. I think those are supposed to be lampposts.

Anonymous said...

I also think that "grass" is more like colorblock artificial turf.

Liman said...

Why is Citifield the wrong shape and in the wrong place? Is it intentional that the soccer stadium look like a toilet? Why should anyone have any faith that this bogus artwork has any relation to reality?

Anonymous said...

Why would the City pay for these renderings - with our tax money - if it weren't somewhat close to reality?

back in black said...

we knew this last year before the community board hearings and the edc stood up and lied and said no such thing was ever talked about. so now after this plan was passed based on a pack of lie from this to ''we will continue to talk'' to the owners after 11/13/08--- no deals have closed after they passed it why? becaused they lied & our criminal council person hiram let it go thru for a senate seat. now how do you right a wrong ??

Anonymous said...

How can this site be built??? All the years of oil,gasoline,anti-reeze and all the other toxins seeping into the ground,great place to be!

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall just gave her yearly speech with the theme that development is great for Queens and wishes it to continue unbridled encompassing Willet's Point and much more of LIC or what is affectionately known as 'Hunter's Point South' a toxic, carcinogenic pier past the sea of abandoned 'luxury' condos on the East River that her and others said were great for Queens and would create so many jobs and wealth.

The fact is after the iron is up, the unions disappear and the illegal immigrants take over, underpaid and unskilled and the cash paid is then funneled back to their families, never making it into our damaged economy in the first place.

I can't believe after all that has happened and all of the people who have lost their jobs and homes and have had to leave our city because of these corrupt policies, she has the nerve to stand up and say things like this as The Queens Chronicle endorses her every move.

These policies of overdevelopment have destroyed the fabric of our city and need to be addressed on a much higher level than our corrupt city government ever can.

Our taxes are being used to support these plans without our say as our taxes are going up and up to pay for them.

Time for the feds to step in!