Friday, January 16, 2009

Something's built rotten in Ridgewood

What the bejesus is going on here? This was a warehouse...
Located at 71-13 60th Lane in Ridgewood, this baby's only got 45 DOB violations, 27 of which are currently open. Interesting to see that conversion from an industrial use to a residential use with demolition of most of the building is considered an "alteration".
55 DWELLING UNITS?!? IS THE BSA INSANE???? Where's the hardship? It's already zoned R6B; is that not profitable enough? Oh wait, none of the commissioners live in the area and the owner's address is on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, so they don't give a damn that we flood, have power outages and that School District 24 is the most overcrowded in the borough. And yes, those are cell repeaters on the roof, because we simply must squeeze every last penny out of this property. Screw you, Ridgewood.


Snake Plissskin said...

I want to go to an MAS event to listen to a Pratt study on how to cope with another million.

That is the most important issue facing our communities.


Oh come now, that MUST be true. Thats all the talk about!

Anonymous said...

GO DEVELOPERS!! Stick it to these crazy NIMBYS!! This building is great news for Ridgewood.

And if the schools are too crowded (which I doubt; the NYC school population isn't growing), obviously the solution isn't to kick everyone out of the neighborhood, but to BUILD MORE SCHOOLS.

Of course, Queens Crap would be opposed to this too, because it would be modern and new construction, both of which are big no-nos on this website.

Only old, crappy things like abandoned custard stands are revered on Queens Crap. Things like housing and schools are hated.

Queens Crapper said...

"And if the schools are too crowded (which I doubt; the NYC school population isn't growing)"

Grover Cleveland high school is at 200% capacity. It doesn't matter if the city grows any more. It can't support what it has now.

I would love a new school in Ridgewood. There's a lot down on Metropolitan Avenue (former site of Rite Aid) that the School Construction Authority recently identified as perfect for a school.

Anonymous said...

"obviously the solution isn't to kick everyone out of the neighborhood"

When has this blog ever advocated kicking everyone out of a neighborhood? You're dancing out at the end of a limb, sir.

Anonymous said...

"This building is great news for Ridgewood."

How is it great news?

Anonymous said...

Great news for Ridgewood would be:

- Better subway service
- Better bus service
- More schools
- St. Aloysius not closing
- Stores on Metro and Myrtle not being abandoned.
- Alternate sides only once a week instead of twice
- More parks
- Preservation of the Ridgewood Reservoir

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

The idea that population growth is automatically a sign of positive progress for a neighborhood is very simplistic and naive.

Anonymous said...

The idea that population growth is automatically a sign of positive progress for a neighborhood is very simplistic and naive.

Never countered at any preservation conferenence I went to. All they talk about is how to live with it.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to live here anyway? I do and don't even want to. From this piece of crap, it's a mile walk to the crappy L. There's nothing but 99 cent stores to shop at and anything that is even remotely good keeps closing (like the neat little crepe shop that was on Myrtle right across the street from this new crappity crap).

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Negative.

1- I passed the site and spoke to the GC. It is 50 units not 55.
2- The cell-phone sites were there before. They were an eyesore in the neighborhood.
Let us hope they will be more camouflaged now.
3- If this cell site is like many other in the city, the current owner does not collect the rents paid by the phone companies. Some national conglomerate collects it.
4- Not aware of City Public School system is looking for new school locations in Ridgewood.
5- Building should enhance neighborhood if the end product is pretty and the owner will sell condos at a decent rate.
6- Let’s wait until they begin marketing to see if they know what they are doing.

Until then...contain your crap within....

Queens Crapper said...

Hey laughing boy:

Dwelling Units: Existing: 0;
Proposed: 55 (straight from the permit)

Cell phone sites will be better camouflaged? They shouldn't be there at all!

Owner of property signs contract with cell company to have those repeaters on the roof. For the cell tower in Maspeth, it was $500,000 to be paid over 10 years.

SCA said at a public meeting in November at the School of Heroes that they were eying the former Rite Aid site on Metro for a school.

"Building should enhance the neighborhood" - what if it doesn't? What recourse is there?

I will speak my mind whenever and however I see fit. But thanks for trying to tell me what to do.