Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plane crashes into Hudson River

From NY Magazine:

Passengers who are on rescue boats are telling reporters that they think everyone is relatively okay, and that they think everyone is now off the plane.

Commercial Jet Crashes in the Hudson


italian girl said...

The pilot should get a medal.

ew-3 said...

He already has some IG, he was an Air Force F4 fighter pilot... ;)

air -1 said...


wow what a job well done

Anonymous said...

Omg someone told my boss (we work in Queens) and she asked where it was and they said it's in the Hudson river...

She said "Oh who cares, I thought it was close by… I thought it was one of our airports." (we work in air freight/logistics so it's kind of our job to know where things are.... particularly things in close proximity to airports lol)

They explained to her that it came from La Guardia and it IS close by and it crashed next to Manhattan…

Then she's like "oh so why do they keep saying Hudson river? That doesn't make sense"

Then when they were talking about how they think it was birds getting sucked into the engines on take-off, she kept saying "why didn't they shoo them out of the engine when they were de-icing the plane? Why would you take off when there is a bird in your engine???

Someone explained to her that the birds are hit and sucked into the engine during take-off and she says "No, that's not possible, the plane is so big and loud it scares the birds away. I just don't get why they didn't check the engines for birds before they took off"

Sarah said...

We all need to be proud of the responders to this near fatal tragedy. All the men & women who risk their lives everyday for us. We needed them today and they proved to everyone that they were ready, willing and able. God Bless all of you and Thank You!

-Joe said...

HAHAHA what dumb woman, she has a job?

Geese likley from N Brother I land. The flightpath shows they took off West on runway 22.
The pilot radiod in "lots of Birds up here"
The Airbus uses high bypass GE engins at 220 and up miles per hour you dont hear anything. The Jetblast is behind.

Note how you hear the loud raw when Jets land when the pilots thow the reverse thrustes.
Its Amazong the pilot cleared the bridges and tall buildings. That plain had to be heavy and full of fuel.
He must have cut over Harlem Washington Heights

ew-3 said...

Sarah, The first responders were not government employees. They were civilians. This is a classic people helping people without the aid of government types. Very downplayed in the MSM.
(Hope I did not misunderstand your use of the term first reponders, that term is typically meant for government employees. But I do need to add, according to a recent CA state supreme court decision, untrained people should not interfere in an emergency, like they did here.)

-Joe said...

Agreed, It really made me angry watching the mayor baggie pants on TV giving primary credit to EMS and the Coast Guard.
Yep, The first responders were all private and Circle line boats and people.

Turns out the airplane did bank sharp left over washington heights missing the George Washington bridge east tower by 80 feet.

panzer65 said...

The pilot of this craft should receive the highest commendations , saving countless lives with his heroic actions.

Anonymous said...

Can't say enough about the pilot and the operators of the ferry boats, Circle Line Boats and tug boats. It was reported the first ferry arrived in 8 minutes.

To a pevious poster - they are all trained for emergencies.

As for our charming Mayor he could barely get the words "thank you" out of his mouth to the above boatmen. Of course he can't take credit for what they did. Governor Paterson had to step in and warmly thank them.

The mayor also very busy sniping at the press.

Taxpayer said...

This terrific pilot was once a combat pilot.

S, I guess there will be all sorts of detractors who will now condemn him for being a warrior.

Anonymous said...

Though, in this case, it was the birds...La Guardia remains an extremely overtaxed antiquated and dangerously congested airport.

Many professionals suggest that it should be turned into an air freight and limited domestic flight terminal.

Kudos to the pilot.

Boos and hisses for our nasty school-marm, turtle faced, half pint, egotistical turd of a mayor!

Anonymous said...

This is not a place for an airport.

The jets fly low from Coney all the way to East Elmhurst.

Millions of people.

All that is needed is one Sidewinder.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Gloomberg doesn't have a sincere bone in his body. What an ass!

Anonymous said...

Only a militry trained piolt could have done this! Patterson should make him the next senator from NY! We all know that the Kennedys can't fly or drive straight.

Sarah said...

I know Mayor Bloomberg is a licensed pilot. What about Gov. Paterson?

Anonymous said...

....Kennedys cant walk, talk also without the Hollywood and public relations writers.
They all suck as bad a they look.
..F_ing closet drunks all of them


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap this gets even better.
That pilot landed that plain at stall speed, off balance with dead weight of only one wing with an engin and no hydraulics !

The other engin (at full takoff thrust) must have fractured so violently it broken off.
Thats enough to roll a working airplane in mid flight.

I find this next to impossible the the airplaine under no power or hydraulics didnt roll !

Anonymous said...

Thank God for NY Waterways. When people are bi--ching about subsidies to these lines we should remember the heroic role they played in this instance and during 911 where they rescued several thousand people.

The Waterways boats cost over a million dollars apiece and have special engines that can cover the distance between Hunter's Point in Long Island City and the South Street seaport in about 8 minutes. Tell me that the police department or fire department have boats that fast.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's sink millions of dollars into unprofitable ferries in case there are future plane crashes into our waterways.

The Intellectual Redneck said...

At about the two minute mark you can see US Air Flight 1549 skid into the Hudson. Then, you can see the passengers climb out onto the wings. This video is 10 minutes long. Actual video of Flight 1549 skidding into the Hudson.

Anonymous said...

To the sarcastic fellow who said, "lets sink millions of dollars into unprofitable ferries in case of future plane crashes." Lets see, during the last 10 years we've had 911, where these boats took several thousand people off Manhattan Island when all other transit was disabled, the recent plane crash and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans where the fast boats of local residents, businesses and Louisiana Fish and Games were instrumental in rescuing untold numbers of people.

New York is still in the terrorism cross-hairs and is at the 3rd highest risk of hurricanes in the nation--only New Orleans and Miami are at higher risk. We are served by three local airports and we have a growing population that is straining existing transportation lines. Ferries were traditionally used as the main means of transportation before subways and buses and they will become more necessary and profitable as time goes by.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of boats on our rivers that can respond to emergencies when they are needed without subsidizing NY Waterway. The ferries will never be profitable so long as there is cold weather and they charge an arm and a leg to ride the thing so that it is priced out of range of the average commuter.