Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weiner wants to know

Rep. Anthony Weiner cries campaign foul on Mayor Bloomberg
By Erin Einhorn

Congressman Anthony Weiner accused Mayor Bloomberg on Sunday of breaking campaign finance rules by failing to disclose campaign expenses.

"There were reports months ago that he was polling, and yet we haven't seen any campaign filing that indicates polling expenses," said Weiner (D-Brooklyn), who hopes to block Bloomberg's run for a third term.

Weiner and other candidates for city office last week filed reports on campaign fund-raising and expenses.

Bloomberg, who plans to spend $80 million of his own fortune on his campaign, said he had neither contributors nor expenses and so won't need to file until March.

Bloomberg campaign adviser Howard Wolfson said no staffers joined the payroll before Jan. 11.


You see no staffers joined the campaign payroll before January 11th because Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey has been acting as Bloomberg's campaign manager while on the city payroll. And now that Bloomberg is in official campaign mode, expect to be seeing an awful lot of him on TV today.

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