Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NY Times visits Borden Avenue Bridge

Despite the bridge’s current difficulties and ragged environs, the structure has a novel feature that, for some, renders it an object of affection. The bridge sits on rails that allow the structure to roll open horizontally on wheels. It is one of only two such retractile bridges in the city and four in the nation. (The Carroll Street Bridge over the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn is the country’s oldest, and a designated landmark.)

“Even though it’s not the prettiest bridge, people find beauty in it,” said Sam Schwartz, a transportation consultant and the president of the city’s Bridge Centennial Commission, a nonprofit group whose mission is to celebrate six New York bridges that are about a century old. He described the bridge’s retractile feature as “very elegant.”

The Borden Avenue Bridge has not displayed its elegance much lately, however. Commercial marine traffic along Dutch Kills is highly diminished; the bridge last opened for a passing vessel in 2005.

A Humble Bridge With One Fetching Feature


kane said...

If you go over that bridge toward Long Island City after getting off of the LIE at more than 15 mph, you're going to go airborne due to the massive drop where the bridge meets the road.

Anonymous said...

Well, not anymore, because they're fixing it and it's currently closed.

kane said...

Is that what they were fixing on it?

Anonymous said...

"The Borden Avenue Bridge, which is painted Dodger blue, is also slightly broken. The western abutment has shifted, disturbing the bridge’s alignment. So on Dec. 31, the city’s Department of Transportation closed the bridge through July for emergency reconstruction."

In short, yes.